Trapped – A Personal Art Project

As much as I am a business woman, I am 10x more an artist.

There is a burning desire within me to create, and to create art that expresses the deepest parts of myself.  For many years this was expressed through acting in dramatic plays, and then into singing and of course now this is expressed through my photography.  I spend so many of my days telling the stories of other women (incredible, awe inspiring, women) that sometimes I forget the importance of allowing art to share my own story.

I thought about sharing the why, the how, the who that inspired me to create this project…but then I decided against it.  Art is as much about the artist as it is about what it provokes in it’s viewer.  So I will allow you to create the story, be it mine or yours, and to interpret this project of your own will.

A special thank you to Beth, my muse; Erin for her beautiful makeup artistry, Vic Christopher for allowing be to use his awesome construction space, and to my friend Sara for being an amazing assistant on this project.

I present to you:



3001_0348 3001_0349 3001_0350 3001_0353 3001_0352 3001_0351 3001_0354 3001_0355 3001_0356 3001_0357 3001_0358 3001_0359 3001_0360 3001_0361 3001_0362 3001_0363 3001_0364 3001_0365
3001_0368 3001_0369 3001_0370 3001_0371 3001_0372 3001_0373 3001_0374 3001_0375 3001_0376 3001_0377 3001_0378 3001_0379