Tessa K.

When I first made my appointment with Lindsay I was so excited to try something new. I’m a shy person who doesn’t like to talk about anything personal so that made me nervous that my pictures might not turn out like I want them to. Fast forward to  the day of my appointment. It was very nerve racking to me, I’m out of my comfort zone and trying something new for the first time.  Meeting Lindsay for the first time was fantastic, she makes you feel at home.  She isn’t just a photographer she’s a friend. You would think that meeting someone for the first time would be awkward because you’re going to be posing in front of them in lingerie. Lindsay made the experience one that I will never forget. I brought my best friend with me and we had a 2 hour ride home and how professional Lindsay was and the amazing experience I had with her is all we talked about the entire way home. This photo shoot was very personal, it exposes me in ways that I’m not used to showing people. Lindsay taught me how to love my body because the way I look at them in pictures is not how I see it in the mirror. I was one of the lucky few that got to see my pictures before they were “touched up” and I fell in love with them before she did anything to them! Lindsay pushes you to your limits to get that perfect shot. She’s the only photographer I recommend to everyone and I just love showing people my photos.