Sara P.

In my heart I knew I needed to have this experience… I had gone through some loss, heartbreak and had lost my identity as a woman. Hell… I didn’t even feel like a woman anymore. I watched the blog and page for a long time…everyone’s stories rang true for me… and I knew I needed to experience this for myself…. Or the self I thought i would be in a year. Oh i was going to Lose weight for my session! Be in the best shape of my life!! You know the drill. Well a month before the session, i was the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life! I thought about canceling. I freaked out and cried convinced I ruined this opportunity.

I had scheduled a styling session with Randi and Lindsay at the boutique. I thought they would see me and give me clothes that would
Cover the train wreck of a body I saw in the mirror… I was so ashamed. They were so welcoming and set me at ease. They showed me some gorgeous pieces… but I was so scared to even come out of the changing room… these were beautiful, sexy, classy and revealing pieces. No way I could do this. Out Of the changing room I crept… totally flushed with nerves and insecurities. But they made me feel so gorgeous… i started to feel for the first time in a long time… sexy!

The day of the session I had come to realize i needed to embrace the experience. I truly didn’t think I’d even buy any pictures…I went in thinking just the mere experience would help me open up. I listened to Lindsay and Erin’s encouraging words, the show tunes we had blaring and tried to push myself a bit. It wasn’t until Lindsay showed me a quick shot from Her Camera that It hit me… that face staring back was beautiful, confident. I couldn’t believe it was me (and after Lindsay had to reassure me a few times that yes It was truly me) I teared up. I had never seen myself that way. It was a revealing and humbling experience.

Since the reveal, I’ve never felt more at peace with myself and my body. I respect the woman I am and am Proud to Honor my true self. I realize am enough and worthy… and that is a priceless revelation. I treat myself more kindly and feel empowered. Seeing yourself through Lindsay and Erin’s eyes is an experience every woman should gift for themselves. I am excited to have this art displayed in my home to remind me every day.