Rebecca F.

I absolutely love my photos!!! I’ve been a bigger girl my whole life…. I know I had sexy in me but dayum! Lindsay and Erin immediately put you at ease when you are most vulnerable and exposed (literally!). It’s easy to shy away from doing something like this because it’s out of your comfort zone, but let me tell you, the way I feel seeing those photos has me wanting to flaunt all that I have… flaws or not! We are always our worst critics … I won’t lie during some poses I thought “there’s no way this is gonna look cute, my rolls must be hanging out and I’m about to fall off this couch!” Haha but then I look at that exact picture and it became one of my favorites of the whole shoot! Am I vulnerable?! Hell yes!! But am I stronger for doing it?! Hell yes! Am I proud of how all my “flaws” are actually sexy as hell?! You better believe it! Between the amazing art Lindsay has created… and Erin’s makeup prowess y’all have me looking like a BOSS and I plan to own that and make this feeling right here a part of my every day life! NOTHING is sexier than a woman with confidence and y’all have given me that through this experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 😘