Ms. H

Prior to my session with Lindsay, if someone had asked me to draw a picture of myself, the outside of my figure would resemble something similar to the Michelin Man.
In a society where perfection is generally forced down your throat, thanks to social media, it was difficult for me to actually see what I look like. The mentally warped image which the mirror presented was not an accurate depiction of my true self.
I originally scheduled an appointment with Lindsay to make a book to give as a wedding gift to my fiancé – what I got was so much more.
Once I saw what Lindsay had captured I realized not only how truly beautiful I am but women in general. Yes, Erin did an impeccable job on my hair and makeup. I can’t believe Hollywood hasn’t scooped her up yet!! However many of my favorite shots did not expose my face at all. Which is a general contrast to the head shots which quite a few of us use as profile pictures!
Lindsay was able to remove the warped images my brain had once conjured up in the mirror. She truly has the ability to show any women that they possess the same characteristics which we usually only associate with super models. If you’ve never done a boudoir session, one session with Lindsey may very well change your outlook on life and how you view yourself.
Thank you Erin and Lindsay.