Maisie S.

I wasn’t an adventurous person. I wasn’t a confident person. I wasn’t my own person. I was exactly who everyone else wanted me to be for a majority of my life. I hit a few very low points before my first session- which, in hindsight, was probably the main reason for me to reach out to Lindsay; I needed that feeling of doing something out of my comfort zone to wake me up and peel away the layers that had built up to disguise myself. I almost backed out the night before the session and I am so glad I didn’t. Lindsay made the shoot so comfortable for me, it was such a fun experience. Seeing myself through Lindsay’s lens made me tear up and realize that I could be my own person, I could be confident, I could be sexy if I wanted or I could just be a homebody- other people’s opinion of me didn’t matter if I didn’t want them to. My second session with Lindsay was reinforcement. My “badass” look completely contrasted my typical “girl next door” appearance that my peers know me by. It showed the confidence I am learning to have and I am so thankful to be comfortable with who I am in this moment.