Liz C.

When I first arrived to take pictures with Lindsay, she was editing an earlier shoot. The makeup artist

was prepared to start, and Lindsay bounced between telling me how amazing the makeup looked and checking

out the pictures she had taken the previous day.  It was like watching and talking to a ball of energy!

Photography seems easy. What Lindsay did with our session was beyond photography. It was a way to bring

out a side of a person, me, that other people have seen, but that is hidden behind my own image of myself

when I am looking in the mirror. Lindsay’s boudoir session included shots that were artistic and soft – which

were the shots she loved the most and included shots that were feminine and strong – which were the ones I

was drawn to. With every photo she captured a moment that allowed me to see what my husband and my

close friends, have tried to convince me is there. A strong, beautiful, graceful, and sensual person.

Lindsay is professional, but not stuffy, and has enlisted  great circle of people to help make her sessions an

experience. I am happy to endorse her work and her business.