Kristen B.

Aside from that awkward stage we all go through in our early teens, I have been fortunate enough to always be pretty happy with my reflection in the mirror. Overall satisfied with the “average” beauty I thought I possessed. After my session in front Lindsay’s camera and the images she captured, I now realize we ladies are anything but average. Through Lindsay’s vision and coaching, I was able to see a tangible image of the woman inside my head. The woman I felt like, but was never totally sure manifested physically. Lindsay and her camera are the reason I walk with my head a little higher these days. The reason I am now even more confident that I am fully projecting as me. Our session was an absolutely incredible experience, one where I felt a mixture of excitement and comfort. Her genuine passion for what she does and why she does it is infectious. I am over the moon happy with my photos and will treasure them for years to come! If not for someone else, book a boudoir session with her for YOU! I promise it will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself. Thank you, Lindsay!!!