Kayla K.

Doing something for myself is a rare opportunity. With two small kids, “self” time is few and far between and I always put myself on the back burner. I spent years going back and forth with doing a photo shoot with Lindsay and Erin. Being Erin’s cousin, I’ve had the opportunity to watch her and Lindsay work grow and transform. I would always say “next year I’ll do it” but of course never did. Then my son came along, and a short 18 months later my daughter. I lost myself in the daliy routine of 2 small kids and wife duties. During one of their naptimes I was scrolling through the latest of Lindsay’s work and decided. “I really want to do.” I had some close friends encourage me and I finally booked a shoot. Being months off, it was on the back burner of my brain. Then a few days before the shoot I started getting cold feet. I kept asking myself why should I do it? Did I really need to do it? But I didn’t cancel and I’m so grateful I did not. Seeing myself through the lens of other was the eye opener I needed to remind myself I am worth my time to take care of myself. That my body is beautiful and amazing for carrying now 3 blessings and I should own my curves. Hearing your sexy or beautiful from your significant other can sound like a phrase that is just said, but at my reveal I felt all those things he told me. I felt sexy, strong, beautiful and still felt like it was me. I’m so glad I took this opportunity and put myself first. This momma got her sexy back!