Heather H

This was a wonderful experience, and nerve racking. Not just bigger women have problems with body image and even though I am skinny I too am self conscious. I think as women we need to shop the comments about weight. The “omg eat something”, “you must be anorexic” comments. I hear them often almost once a day. I am what I am and I cannot change that. Many say I’m blessed or “oh so lucky” but who wants to hear those comments day in and out. Lets embrace each others individuality and diverse beauty. I wish I had the thicker body. I wish I had curves and breasts but I don’t. I was so nervous to do these photos, but I see them now and I’ve never felt so beautiful. I love every inch of myself. Lindsay did a fabulous job not just as a photographer but as a coach. She made aspects of my body pop out. Thank you so much Lindsay… and remember in a diverse world we’re all beautiful! And the diversity of each and everyone of us makes the world beautiful.