Erin C.

My experiences with Lindsay have been very unique and special for me as I believe it is and will be for all of her clients. In 2014 I got engaged and knew I wanted to do something special for my soon to be husband. I found Lindsay and booked my session immediately! I was so excited as I looked at all of her beautiful work and started to “compare” myself to her other clients thinking “I cant wait to look at beautiful as them.” Let’s be real we always compare ourselves! But why? And how do we compare because we are individuals. Lindsay did a fantastic job and my prints are so beautiful! Make up was so perfect thanks to Erin! How often do you get to see yourself looking and feeling like a super star? One small problem for me … I was still so extremely uncomfortable with myself, as much help as I had with clothing it was still hard when you don’t feel sexy. Well literally after that shoot I started working out four days a week and changing the way I ate daily. I have never been skinny and was never the pretty girl in the room. After a few months I started to build confidence within myself for so many reasons. I reached out to Lindsay and I shared how important it was for me to have another session, so her and I booked for a few months out and we began the hunt for the best possible outfits for me to wear. Lindsay is so fantastic and puts so much time in for her clients. She sent me at least twenty links to websites to chose from! She goes above and beyond to ensure your happy. The day of my shoot I was mentally and physically prepared. (yes physically! When she says stretch she means it!! Listen to her, because it makes a huge difference) Erin did a fantastic job with my hair and makeup. She is professional, so sweet and a true beauty herself!  During the shoot Lindsay made me laugh and feel so comfortable. I had a goal going into this and it was to be completely free and open and let the moment take me where it needed to.
I can say after I left that day I felt sexy and confident! I felt like I got over some kind of hump, don’t get me wrong I still have insecurities as most people do. But for me, feeling confident is more important than caring what my hair or makeup looked like that day. When I scheduled my reveal with Lindsay I was anxious to see how everything had turned out. I was blown away!! As cliche as I sound I kept thinking “I cant believe that is me!” I did not have to compare myself to any one else, at that exact moment I realized how sexy and beautiful I am and did not need or want to look like anyone else…because I loved how I looked!
I definitely am so happy I did this a second time because my inner soul needed it. I can not wait to give these gifts to my soon to be husband on our wedding day and show him how sexy his wife is!!!