Donna C.

I was introduced to Lindsay’s work by a co-worker who kept telling me I needed to do a boudoir shoot with her. I fell in love with the pictures I seen on her page but immediately thought of all the reasons not to do it, don’t photograph well, being vulnerable, being half naked in front of someone I don’t know and as confident as I come across to the people that know me the insecurities were winning. After repeatedly looking at all the BEAUTIFUL women I finally believed that I could and would do a shoot with her for myself. My whole life I have been very small, people always say”do you ever eat?” This statement has helped with the image insecurities I had almost all my life. The last year I have been on a crusade to think better of myself and to find out who I am ( the real me) so I have been going out of my comfort zone and facing my fears in order to grow into the woman I am meant to be. Lindsay and Erin are a amazing team together, right from the moment Lindsay opened the door I felt the nerves disappear. They both made me feel comfortable and worthy. When I seen the pictures I was blown away, I had to look at them about a 100 times, I finally got to see what everyone I love and respect had been telling me for years, that I am BEAUTIFUL. When Lindsay says she does this work to empower women she doesn’t just say it, she truly has a gift and I’m happy that I got to be a recipient of her gift!