Colleen F.

I am a first time Boudoir client and I had an incredible experience with Lindsay and Erin! A blog post from a member at my gym inspired me to finally take the leap and book a shoot. Lindsay and Erin are awesome women and beyond talented in their respected professions! What they create and capture is/was jaw dropping! Their positive, upbeat personalities helped keep any doubt or insecurities at bay – they are like cheerleaders on the sideline always making you feel like a million bucks ☺️.  I walked out of the shoot feeling like I could conquer the world! When I met with Lindsay to review my photos I told her how much fun I had and how I could do boudoir shoots as a part time job 😂 – that was how much I enjoyed the whole experience!! Thank you Lindsay and Erin for helping me see and feel like the confident, sexy, strong woman I know I can be!”

Thank you for the whole experience – I LOVED it and seriously would do it (if I could) as a job 😄.