Analise A.

Transitions.. change.. the journey.. rock bottom.. only up from here right? When you’re there it’s the hardest place in the world to be but when you climb out it was the happiest and healthiest place yet. As mother’s, as spouses, as women, as any title you may claim we sometimes forget that we are still people. When all those titles are ripped from you what’s left? You, you’re still left. I fell into my shoot by chance with Lindsay I had always admired all of her gorgeous photos. When I booked it was months out and I was in love with the idea. When it arrived I didn’t even know that I cared or even wanted to do it, but I had paid for it already and mom financial logic struck. I stressed over finding a sitter, if it was really worth it, why was I bothering? I wasn’t worth the bother but I did it, this last year has been one of the hardest years of my life, and everything was changing. I became a single mom, I had to move back home. I had to accept that the fairy tale ending I was longing for for so long was just not an option anymore and that I had to rise and create our fairytale. You don’t know what you have until it’s gone, and you don’t know how bad or unhealthy it was until it’s gone and you can breathe a full breath for the first time. Lindsay and Erin did more for me than words can ever say. This experience was so transitional and so emotional, I don’t know that I had ever been so low before and when I got those teasers it was everything. It was seeing the beauty on paper the beauty from within the feelings of inadequacy just melted away. The reminder that I am still me and that I am strong, brave, a fighter and that maybe rock bottom isn’t so bad after all.