Alexa E.

As a trainer and nutritionist I make a living sculpting, shaping and nourishing the bodies of amazing women every day. I absolutely love what I do and am so passionate about teaching women how to find their own self love through health, fitness, taking care of their bodies and finding their own passion for a better lifestyle. Confidence thrives when a women feels beautiful in her own skin. But until they can learn those tools we can certainly be our own worst enemy. I meet so many women everyday who pick themselves apart, compare themselves to others and believe that in order to live this lifestyle you have to turn to unhealthy measures. This couldn’t be more of a myth and my goal is to teach women the tools to find balance a healthy relationship with food, exercise and how to truly embracing themselves. I was once the girl who struggled with self acceptance, and what was physically appealing. Maybe part of it was the fact that I was a fitness competitor and was being judged on a specific way that my body should look to a judging panel. No matter how amazing my body looked leading up to a show something was still missing and I had lost the confidence in myself because I could only see my body as a frame of work. I was forgetting that it was all of my perfect imperfections that made me beautiful, strong and confident and not the opinions of 10 judges and my super lean physique. I had to find my own self love and acceptance again first before I could ever get back on stage and let other people tell me how I should look. No one but you should ever be the judge of your physique. It wasn’t until I started to love myself, my body, my soul and all of my “flaws” that I gained a whole new sense of empowerment and confidence in myself.

Enter Lindsay and Erin…
In a very similar field to me, empowering and giving women the confidence to step outside of their comfort zones and create an experience for women that truly states where they are in that point in time. For me, this was about turning 30 (1 more month), being a business owner, a wife, and now opening up my very own personal training studio. So many amazing accomplishments that I was so proud of. People doubted me, questioned me, and criticized me but I never let them see me crumbled or take me down. I stayed strong and true to myself, my beliefs, my goals, and only surrounded myself with people who believed in my goals, passions and dreams. I finally cut out the people who were toxic and eliminated the toxic energy. Why waste your time on anyone who has nothing better to do then to questions your goals and life choices. I had finally got to a point in my life where I didn’t care what anyone else thought. I was confident, motivated, loved and I was embracing it all! I love all my curves, imperfections, and have finally found balance in my life and couldn’t have been more proud to have the confidence to do something for me again! Without a judging panel. Never feeling more confident, beautiful and sexy in my own skin, because I am a real women. I eat, I drink, and I truly live and love this healthy and fitness lifestyle that so many people think you have to take unhealthy measures to get to. My goal is to teach other women the same. To empower them and give them the confidence to own their goals, their mindset and how they feel every single day. No matter how young or old, how big or small, everyone deserves to love themselves, their bodies and be truly comfortable in their own skin. I am so proud of the women I am today and I cannot wait for what the future holds for me, for my amazing clients and for GetFit with Alexa Jaye 💪