Times Square Boudoir

I always like to share a little bit about how I met the client and our story, and it is no different with Beth Claire.  Beth is a fellow “Boudie” and an incredible one at that! We c connected through the Boudoir community and hit it right off! There was one day in a group discussion that the question was asked “If you had to photograph one other photographer in this group who would it be?”  My answer was immediately Beth! Aside from her amazing hair (we all know I have an obsession with red hair) she had this personality that radiated through both pictures she has modeled in, but more importantly her photography.  It is always really really scary to photograph another photographer, especially when it is one who’s work you really admire. Needless to say I was uber nervous when Beth showed up! Lucky for me though, she was so laid back and in good spirits that I was able to just relax and make a new friend.

We went through the process just like normal, Beth set off to hair and makeup with Natalia from Blush Blush NYC while I went through her wardrobe and paired off and set up outfits for her. She must have been able to sense my nerd-dom through email, because I about gasped when I pulled out the amazing Marvel dress! Fate would have it, our hotel was right in Times Square and the characters from all of the comic books were out on the street, so I most obviously had to take advantage of that!

Chickity-Check out the sick video for this session and then scroll down to view the full size images!

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Saturday Fashspiration

I have decided that Saturday’s are made for fashion inspiration! The perfect way to spend a Saturday is with a little shopping anyway right?

This week I am super inspired by mixing super edgy with classic elegance!

Let these looks inspire you as we plan your shoot!

Lacquer and Lace

Ms. Lindsay NY Boudoir

I met Lindsay one fateful evening in NYC through a mutual friend.  I had gone into the city with two of my best friends to work and have fun, and we ended up deciding to go out down by west 4th street. I remember this night clearly because that was the night I got into a fight with the bouncer at Down the Hatch and got kicked out of the bar lol! You know me, always standing up for the under-dog and getting myself into trouble 😉  But this is a story for another day! lol!

Anyway, Lindsay and I totally vibed so we kept in touch and when she told me she wanted to shoot with me I was thrilled!  We planned her shoot and really set a tone to what she was going for and made the plans for me to come into the city for a hotel session for her!  We scored a hotel in Times Square and set to work creating one of my favorite most inspiring sessions to date.  I normally shoot very bright and vibrant, but something about Lindsay’s chill energy and comfort in her own skin allowed me to push my own limits and shoot for a darker and more raw type of look.  This session really pushed me out of my comfort zone to really embrace the sensuality and and the energy of female sexuality.

I think you will start to see more of this type of energy in my future sessions, there was something very empowering for me about pushing myself and my client a bit past our normal comfort zone to create something very true to both of us.

I am heading back to NYC next week for 3 more client sessions and I am really looking forward to seeing what we create.

Check out the video and then scroll below to see the full size images:

me_3420 me_3421 me_3422 me_3423 me_3424 me_3426 me_3425me_3427 me_3428 me_3429 me_3430 me_3434 me_3431 me_3436 me_3435 me_3437 me_3418 me_3439 me_3440me_3441me_3442 me_3443 me_3444 me_3446 me_3447 me_3448 me_3450 me_3451
me_3453me_3452 me_3455 me_3456 me_3457 me_3458 me_3459


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Ms. Nora Outdoor Boudoir

This session was really fun for Erin and I to work on for a few reasons! One reason of course being that Nora is a babe, but also because she was actually really nervous and sort of shy when she first walked in. We took her out of her comfort zone by changing up the dark makeup she normally wears and really pushed her to the max with this shoot and boy oh boy did she deliver!  Shot in a private garden and a few secret spots in Downtown Troy, we had the ability to really give 4 different looks to Nora, ranging from an All-American Fit Girl to an Edgy Urban Vixen to a more Ethereal Goddess.

Check out the video we put together for Nora and then scope out the full size images below!!

me_3359 me_3360 me_3361 me_3362 me_3363 me_3365 me_3367 me_3368 me_3369 me_3370 me_3371 me_3372 me_3373 me_3375 me_3376 me_3377 me_3378 me_3379 me_3380 me_3381 me_3382 me_3383 me_3384 me_3385 me_3386 me_3387 me_3388 me_3389 me_3390 me_3391 me_3392 me_3393 me_3394 me_3395 me_3396 me_3397 me_3398 me_3399 me_3400


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Ms. Kate Outdoor Boudoir

I decided to do  a little something different and create a video of Kate’s images along with sharing them here.

Kate’s session was pretty special to me, because she came in open hearted and accepting of whatever crazy things I threw her way, like putting butterflies into her hair and playing with a large crystal. One of the things I think we learned from this session is that sexy is all a frame of mind. Your session can be anything that you want from flirty and whimsical to dark and demure.  We decided to take a little dive into the imagination with this one…there is an air of magic about the session.  We caught about 1 hour of clear skies between awful storms on the day of Kate’s session…the light left behind by the storm really gave a sort of eerie and gorgeous glow to the environment, add some fog off of the lake and you have a picture perfect setting for this mystical shoot.

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Hair and stunning makeup by Erin Marie Artistry

Boudie Shorts Shooting Camp Images

I was super honored when Molly Marie, the beauty and brains behind Boudie Camp and Venture Shorts, reached out to me to film a tutorial on posing and shooting boudoir on location for her Shooting Camp.  I knew right away the team that I wanted to work with to film the spot that I was that I was hired to create.  Within 72 hours I pulled together my team which included a beautiful client / model, a dope cinematographer, my amazing makeup artist and a rockstar assistant (who is also one of our spokesmodels)  and had them all out in the snow creating magic.  Erin Marie and I packed the car on Friday morning with all of our glamour and gear and made our way out to NYC to begin what was sure to be an insane  weekend of back to back shoots including the video shoot at the end to round out an epic and fast paced trip.  I am really excited for the  Shooting Boot Camp to come out in September of this year.  Knowing the talent and sponsors involved in creating these educational videos, leaves me no doubt that they will be a true value to Boudoir photographers looking to expand on their skillset.  The fact that I was asked to share tips on posing and insight into how I work with my clients, was a realy humbling experience for me, especially when put in the ranks with the other photographers being featured in this bootcamp.

For more information on the Boudoir Shooting Camp please visit Boudie Camp Shooting Camp


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me_2706 me_2708 me_2709 me_2710 me_2711 me_2712 me_2713 me_2714 me_2715 me_2716

And of course, we couldn’t forget to include some behind the scenes shots and a little video snippit. “Phoneography” at it’s finest by my awesome Makeup Artist. If you are not already, make sure to follow on instagram @lindsayraephotography!

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Ultimate Self-Love Giveaway


Congratulations! The winners of the Ultimate Self-Love Giveaway are listed below!

Grand Prize: Jamie O’Brien

1st, 2nd and 3rd runner ups: Lily A. Kahrs, Lenny Loo, and Amanda D’Arcy


Being a mother is such an amazing, beautiful and rewarding experience.  That being said, the daily life of a mom is not always the most glamorous or sexy experience. As not just a mother, but a woman, I know the importance of being reminded just how beautiful and feminine I can be!

Lindsay Rae Photography in association with Razimus Jewelry, Erin Marie Artistry, CNY Healing Arts, and Patsy’s Pin-ups is going to celebrate Mother’s Day this year by offering a chance to win an Ultimate Self-Love Giveaway Package!

The Ultimate Self-Love Giveaway Grand Prize (over an $800 value!!):

2015-04-26 16.12.42 (2)

A. Lindsay Rae Photography: Self – Love Boudoir / Glamour Session with (2) 8 x 10 Fine Art prints.

B. Razimus Jewelry: “Simone” Organic Silk Bracelet in Brushstrokes

C. Erin Marie Artistry: 1 Hairstyle and 2 Makeup looks for Self-Love Session with LRP

D. CNY Healing Arts: One Hour Custom Massage

E. Patsy’s Pin-Ups: Free Wash and Blowout


1st, 2nd and 3rd runner ups will receive a gift-card for $100 off a Self-Love Boudoir / Glamour Session and a special offer from Patsy’s Pin-Ups.

Winner’s will be announced May 6th on the Facebook Page for Lindsay Rae Photography

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