2017 – A Year In Review

The countdown to the new year continues, and with that I bring you our 2017 year in review!

This year has been a year of extreme change and growth. We moved from hosting sessions out of my apartment, to our beautiful Loft on River Street, we opened our lingerie store (The Shops at The Loft) and LRP has added on 3 new amazing women to the team: Kristen Bartlett (Our Brand Ambassador), Michaela Hindes (My photoshoot assistant and soon to be associate photographer) and Randi Poillon (Our Head of Product Developement for The Shops at the Loft and Wardrobe Stylist)

I have decided to offer a 1 day special for new contracts (starting now and ending at 11pm 1/1/18) for $100 off any Collection or the Self Love Experience. 

To Book: Email with the subject line “NYE Sale”

This blog barely covers half of the incredible women that graced my camera and Erin’s makeup chair this year, but we appreciate all of you!!

Thank you to all of the amazing clients we had in 2017 and an extra special thank you to those babes who allowed us to share your images and inspire other women to take the leap of faith to have their own Self Love Experience 


In no particular order, here is 2017 :

Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1732 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1731 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1730 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1729 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1728 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1727 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1725 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1724 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1723 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1722 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1726 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1688 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1721 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1720 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1719 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1718 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1717 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1716 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1715 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1693 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1649 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1714 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1713 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1712 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1709 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1690 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1708 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1706 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1648 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1705 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1704 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1736
Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1702 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1701 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1700 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1697 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1654 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1696 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1695 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1699 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1698 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1694 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1692 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1691 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1689 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1687 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1686 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1685 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1684 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1683 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1682 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1681 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1680 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1679 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1678 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1677 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1676 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1675 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1659 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1655 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1656 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1650 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1663 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1644Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1734

Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1645 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1674 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1661 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1652 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1647 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1657 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1673 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1664 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1671 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1668 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1667 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1666 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1670 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1711 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1665 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1710 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1646 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1669 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1662 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1653 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1660 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1651 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1658 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1707 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1672

Hair and Makeup for most of the above images by Erin Marie Artistry

Inspired by the Moment

Hi Beauties!!!

I hope that everyone had an amazing holiday weekend and that those back at work have a week that zooms by until the next 3 day weekend!

Things have been so busy around here this year that sometimes my personal work really takes a back burner when it comes to the blog!  Well I decided since I am taking this week off (lol “off” as I sit down to blog and edit haha) that I would finally share one of my very favorite sessions of this year.

I think one of the reasons it was my favorite was the total lack of control we had.

Without having my glam goddess by my side for this creative session, it was up to me to do this babes makeup and I decided to keep it all natural with just some extra glow factor.

When Mala and I finally arrived, to our location at the preserve, the rain immediately started to pour down on us…rather than let it shake me, I turned to her and asked her if she was still down to shoot…dumped the makeup out of the extra large ziplock I had, ripped a small hole for the lens to see through, and popped the bag right over my camera…and off we went.

I will say this was definitely up there with one of the scariest and most difficult shoots I have done! (The shoot with Beth where we were definitely setting ourselves up to be the beginning of a horror film at a strangers farm will forever be the scariest shoot I have done)  The rocks down to the water were so slick that we were slipping all over the place and the only way to get some of the shots I needed was to stand knee deep in dark water that I had no idea what was under it (can you say snake-a-phobic?  I am sure there is a scientific word for it, but I like to call it scared fucking shitless of snakes aka snake-a-phobic.)

I often think the lack of control by being out of the studio and not in 100% control of my environment is what I love so much about these on-location sessions.  As much as we can plan in advance, it is always up to the location to provide for us in that moment. That lack of control is what inspires the most pure form of creativity in the moment for me.  The spontaneity of getting out of my own head and using only my eyes and my gut to create from what is available to me in that moment of time.  No amount of planning can really prepare you for that, and that is what makes me love it so much!

Did you know that return clients have the option of booking on-location sessions?

To inquire please email


Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1621 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1622 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1623 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1624 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1625 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1626 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1627 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1628 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1629 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1630 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1631 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1632 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1633 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1634 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1635

I Knew I Needed This

I often get asked if all of our clients are brides doing this for their grooms, and the fact is, maybe only 20% of our clients are brides…the other 80% are women who just want to reconnect to themselves. Truth be told, most of our brides who come to us tell us, “I am doing this so I feel amazing when I walk down the aisle and confident in front of all of those people.”

As much as boudoir can be a gift for someone, it is ALWAYS truly a gift for yourself.  The gift of being 100% honest and vulnerable with yourself.  The gift of reconnecting to your body, The gift of a makeover,  The gift of art you can wake up to every day that reminds you of what an incredibly empowered, sophisticated and sexy woman that you are.

We know more than most how intimidating it can be to take that leap to book a session.  The feeling of, “I could never look like those women.”  We get it.  But the truth is all of the women in our studio are real women just like you! Some are moms, bosses, business women, wives, brides, daughters, aunts, some are grandmothers, but all of them have one thing in common….they are real women. Real women who want to remember that they are important, valuable and worthy of loving themselves.

Take some time and read what today’s #LRPBoudieBeauty had to say about why she booked her session after heartbreak and how it helped her to reconnect to herself.

“In my heart I knew I needed to have this experience… I had gone through some loss, heartbreak and had lost my identity as a woman.  Hell… I didn’t even feel like a woman anymore.  I watched the blog and page for a long time…everyone’s stories rang true for me… and I knew I needed to experience this for myself…. Or the self I thought I would be in a year.  Oh i was going to Lose weight for my session! Be in the best shape of my life!! You know the drill.  Well a month before the session, I was the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life! I thought about canceling.  I freaked out and cried convinced I ruined this opportunity.

I had scheduled a styling session with Randi and Lindsay at the boutique.  I thought they would see me and give me clothes that would
Cover the train wreck of a body I saw in the mirror… I was so ashamed.  They were so welcoming and set me at ease.  They showed me some gorgeous pieces… but I was so scared to even come out of the changing room… these were beautiful, sexy, classy and revealing pieces.  No way I could do this.  Out Of the changing room I crept… totally flushed with nerves and insecurities.  But they made me feel so gorgeous… I started to feel for the first time in a long time… sexy!

The day of the session I had come to realize i needed to embrace the experience.  I truly didn’t think I’d even buy any pictures…I went in thinking just the mere experience would help me open up.  I listened to Lindsay and Erin’s encouraging words, the show tunes we had blaring and tried to push myself a bit.  It wasn’t until Lindsay showed me a quick shot from Her Camera that It hit me… that face staring back was beautiful, confident.  I couldn’t believe it was me (and after Lindsay had to reassure me a few times that yes It was truly me) I teared up.  I had never seen myself that way.  It was a revealing and humbling experience.

Since the reveal, I’ve never felt more at peace with myself and my body.  I respect the woman I am and am Proud to Honor my true self.  I realize am enough and worthy… and that is a priceless revelation.  I treat myself more kindly and feel empowered.  Seeing yourself through Lindsay and Erin’s eyes is an experience every woman should gift for themselves.  I am excited to have this art displayed in my home to remind me every day.” ~ S.


Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1586 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1587 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1602 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1593 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1597 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1598 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1618 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1599 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1600 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1601 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1603 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1604 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1605 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1606 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1607 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1588 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1608 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1594 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1609 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1610 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1611 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1595 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1612 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1613 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1614 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1615 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1616 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1596 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1589 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1617

Hair and makeup by Erin Marie Artistry


This is one of those blogs where I feel like I need to say very little because our #LRPBoudueBeauty has said a whole lot.  

Read below the dashes to ear this babes story!


“They say time heals all wounds, but I disagree. As time passes, we cover our emotional and physical wounds with the bandages known as everyday life.  We get caught up with the tasks of being a mother, friend, significant other, or a career woman that we forget to live for ourselves. I learned that lesson several years ago when I lost myself. 

I became so immersed in caring for others that forgot who I was. When I looked in the mirror, I no longer saw someone with a zest for life, but rather a hurt soul with a tough exterior. It was an exterior that was hard to crack due to the emotional and physical hurt that I’ve endured. I hated the person that I became and was in a negative space for quite some time because I let that pain have so much power over me. 

I feel that there are certain instances that shape who we are going to be for the rest of our lives. Sometimes they’re recognizable, sometimes they’re not. I will always be grateful for these experiences because they have led me to where I am today. I have pulled myself out of some dark times and am in an even stronger and better place in my life–something that I could have never imagined. 

When I decided to do the boudoir photo shoot, I was on a path of discovering who I wanted to be–for myself–in this chapter of my life. Even though I’m a mother, significant other, friend, and career woman, I was once someone who was lost and in need of self love. 

As I stripped off my clothes for the boudoir shoot, my mental and emotional walls were also torn down in the process.  With each click of Lindsay’s camera, I realized that beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost. That sometimes the bad things that have happened to us put us directly on the path to some of the best things. I’ll always be grateful for this experience because it will serve as a reminder that my physical and emotional scars do not define me–they merely reflect my courage to live. These wounds, which we all possess, provide opportunities to embrace ourselves with self love, acceptance and personal healing. Live for you and never forget that ❤️”


Boudoir New York_1541Boudoir New York_1546 Boudoir New York_1547Boudoir New York_1542 Boudoir New York_1550Boudoir New York_1548Boudoir New York_1549 Boudoir New York_1551Boudoir New York_1552 Boudoir New York_1543Boudoir New York_1553 Boudoir New York_1554 Boudoir New York_1555Boudoir New York_1556 Boudoir New York_1557Boudoir New York_1558Boudoir New York_1559 Boudoir New York_1560Boudoir New York_1561Boudoir New York_1562 Boudoir New York_1538 Boudoir New York_1563 Boudoir New York_1564 Boudoir New York_1565 Boudoir New York_1566 Boudoir New York_1567 Boudoir New York_1540 Boudoir New York_1568 Boudoir New York_1569

Hair and Makeup by Erin Marie Artistry

Finding Myself Between Children


Every few months we get an email with one of our clients who’s shoot date is approaching who is so stinking nervous that they almost consider cancelling.  They email me to find out “what their options are” and surrounding that question is always so much insight into who they are and what it is that they are actually afraid of. 

This is something that we deserve to do for ourselves.  The nerves are there, and I tell all of my clients that it would be weird if they were NOT, because that would mean they strip down emotionally and literally in front of strangers every day (which nothing wrong with stripping, but our average client does not find herself on this career path.)

Taking the step to do a boudoir shoot is huge.  It means that you are finally in a place where you are going to confront yourself and your body head on, and you are doing it with me, and however awesome I may think I am, I am still a stranger to you.  That’s a big thing to do in front of a stranger.  Trust me when I say we see this and we get it!

We also know how empowering it can be to see yourself through our eyes, to remember that you are not just a mom or business owner or wife, or friend.  You are a woman, and one who is deserving of recognition and more-so one who is deserving of loving herself!

Read below to see how Mrs.K felt about her Self Love Experience!

“Doing something for myself is a rare opportunity. With two small kids, “self” time is few and far between and I always end up putting myself on the back burner. I spent years going back and forth on doing a photo shoot with Lindsay and Erin. Being Erin’s cousin, I’ve had the opportunity to watch her and Lindsay’s work grow and transform. I would always say “next year I’ll do it” but of course never did. 

Then my son came along, and a short 18 months later my daughter. I lost myself in the daily routine of 2 small kids and wife duties. During one of their naptimes I was scrolling through the latest of Lindsay’s work and decided. “I really want to do.” I had some close friends encourage me and I finally booked a shoot.Being months off, it was on the back burner of my brain. Then a few days before the shoot I started getting cold feet. I kept asking myself why should I do it? Did I really need to do it?But I didn’t cancel and I’m so grateful I did not.Seeing myself through Lindsay’s lens was the eye opener I needed to remind myself I am worth my time to take care of myself. That my body is beautiful and amazing for carrying, now, 3 blessings and I should own my curves.
Hearing  you’re sexy or beautiful  from  your significant other can sound like a phrase that is just said, but at my reveal I felt all those things he told me. I felt sexy, strong, beautiful and still felt like it was me. I’m so glad I took this opportunity and put myself first. This momma got her sexy back!

It’s an amazing experience and I will be back again😍 
Boudoir New York_1512 Boudoir New York_1513 Boudoir New York_1514 Boudoir New York_1515 Boudoir New York_1511 Boudoir New York_1516 Boudoir New York_1517 Boudoir New York_1518 Boudoir New York_1519 Boudoir New York_1520 Boudoir New York_1521 Boudoir New York_1522 Boudoir New York_1523 Boudoir New York_1524 Boudoir New York_1525 Boudoir New York_1526 Boudoir New York_1527 Boudoir New York_1528
Hair and Makeup by Erin Marie Artistry

Girl Boss

I have been waiting a few months to finally be able to share this session!  I am absolutely in love with the babe we photographed here!

You all know I am all about women power and women owning their power and there are few things that I love more than a girl boss!  Especially the kind of girl boss who creates her own way and path!

This gorgeous babe and her partner had a dream of a restaurant and turned it into a reality!  When she first reached out to me about her session and suggested bringing food and making food sexy I was a bit throw off, but then when she told me why, I was all for it!  Showing off and owning her full womanly power! We set out to capture her body, her confidence, her vulnerability, her sexuality and her business all in one shoot and I am pretty proud to say that I think we captured all of that and more.

Ladies, our bodies are our vessels, they are what take us on our journeys, they are what carry our thoughts to chase our dreams.  Celebrate them, Love them! Love every inch of your body, for without it, none of your dreams are possible!

PS: This gorgeous woman’s restaurant is now my daughters favorite place and so busy we find ourselves waiting for tables when we go sometimes AND she is about to open up a second restaurant!  (yaaaaaaasssssssss kween!)

Check out her gorgeous and empowered images from her session below!


Boudoir New York_1403 Boudoir New York_1409 Boudoir New York_1410 Boudoir New York_1411 Boudoir New York_1426 Boudoir New York_1413 Boudoir New York_1412 Boudoir New York_1408 Boudoir New York_1404 Boudoir New York_1415 Boudoir New York_1414 Boudoir New York_1416 Boudoir New York_1417 Boudoir New York_1427 Boudoir New York_1405 Boudoir New York_1418 Boudoir New York_1406 Boudoir New York_1420 Boudoir New York_1421 Boudoir New York_1428 Boudoir New York_1422 Boudoir New York_1425 Boudoir New York_1430 Boudoir New York_1423 Boudoir New York_1424 Boudoir New York_1429 Boudoir New York_1407 Boudoir New York_1432 Boudoir New York_1431

hair and makeup by Erin Marie Artistry

Living with PCOS

I live with PCOS, it sucks.  I have come to find more and more women that suffer the same way that I do every month and who live with some of the effects of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  I would love to say it sounds worse than it is, but it really is a shitty thing to live with. 

For the longest time I would be mortified of the little hair that grew from my chin, or the fact that I couldn’t lose weight no matter how hard I tried, or the periods so heavy I would be afraid to move because I was afraid to make a mess, having my hormones yoyo so bad during my period that you wouldn’t know what to expect from me….then there is the severe exhaustion and excruciating cramps.  

This might be the only thing that has ever made me curse being a woman. 

I think alot of women are silent about it because it has so many embarrassing symptoms…but I think I am at a point in my life where I have to own and embrace all of the good with the bad.

It is just who I am. 

…and just like everything else in my life I won’t let it stop me…

Let’s read about this gorgeous woman’s experience below.


“I’ve never felt comfortable in my own skin. I’ve never felt that I was pretty or beautiful. I always tried to wear clothes that wouldn’t show my body. I would look for anything to cover myself up with. I’ve always been a plus size girl who didn’t like what she saw in the mirror. 

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2015. After struggling with my weight and body issues, the symptoms of this disorder brought many more. It seemed like I could never love myself. On top of my weight, now I had to worry about facial hair, acne, and anything else that would come up because of this disorder. I wanted to shut myself away forever. 

Then, in early 2016 I got engaged to my high school sweetheart. I had started eating better and doing some work outs. I tried coming out of my shell, even though I didn’t want to. The minute I got engaged, I knew I wanted to do a boudoir photo shoot for fiance as a wedding gift. He has always made sure I was comfortable. He always reminded me that I’m beautiful, that he loved me for me, flaws and all. 

Lindsay Rae Photography kept popping up on my Facebook page. And I would go through her website and look at all of the beautiful women on her blogs. I loved her work, and what she did. But I never thought I could do it. There was no way that I could be that gorgeous! But I convinced myself to reach out, and once I reached out, I agreed to do a shoot. 

I cannot even begin to describe how nervous I was to do this. I’ve never worn lingerie in my life! I almost cancelled multiple times because I just couldn’t accept myself. But I kept my appointment, and I am so glad that I did. My heart was pounding in my chest as I walked up to the loft. The second I entered that room and met Lindsay and Erin, every fear that I had melted away. It was like I had known them forever. Suddenly I wasn’t afraid to show so much of myself to another person. I was comfortable just being me.

The photos we took that day have literally changed the entire perspective that I have of myself. I’m a beautiful, sexy, curvy woman. I’m so much more than my body. Who would have thought that a single photo shoot, and two amazing people could change someone’s life so much?” ~A

Boudoir New York_1360 Boudoir New York_1361 Boudoir New York_1373 Boudoir New York_1374 Boudoir New York_1362 Boudoir New York_1363 Boudoir New York_1364 Boudoir New York_1366 Boudoir New York_1368 Boudoir New York_1365 Boudoir New York_1367 Boudoir New York_1375 Boudoir New York_1369 Boudoir New York_1370 Boudoir New York_1371 Boudoir New York_1372
Hair and Makeup by Erin Marie Artistry

Plus and Proud

So, I apparently am really really bad at taking vacations.  I am supposed to not do any work for 9 days, but how could I not sit down to work knowing I had this epic blog just waiting to be shared?  I think my husband will forgive me 😉

As a plus size woman myself, this blog really struck me on both a personal and professional level.  It is for the reasons of struggling so much to find lingerie that fit myself, that Randi, of Styled by Randi, and I, started The Shops at The Loft!

This was the first #LRPBoudieBeauty to be styled from head to toe in wardrobe from our shop and she slayyyyyyyeeedddddddd her looks!

I could go on and on and on about the topic, but again, our babe perfectly stated it, so read below about her experience being a (gorgeous) plus size woman and how she learned to fall in love with every part of herself!


“Like any woman, I’ve always struggled with accepting who I am and how I look. When you grow up as a plus size girl, you learn how to dress yourself to hide your rolls or slim your thighs; I’ve spent a lot of my life trying to make myself smaller. It took me until I was in college to learn to accept my appearance, but I still struggled with my worth. I dated guys who weren’t worth my time, I downplayed myself in interviews or in friendships, and I floundered trying to navigate the transition into adulthood. Even when I found the dream guy who asked me to marry him, I still was convinced I didn’t deserve it.

Someone near and dear to me once said that when life throws you a curve ball, you have one of three options: run away from it, let it smack you in the face, or knock it out of the park. In the last two years, I’ve been thrown a slew of curveballs and according to my friends and family, I’ve apparently knocked them out of the park with poise and grace. But… what happens when you don’t feel like you live up to that image? What do you do when you feel like you’re not worth what everyone else thinks you are?

I found Lindsay and her work in the middle of all of that, and her idea of self-love hit home for me. I had learned how to love my physical self, but I knew what I was struggling with was learning how to love all parts of myself. In reading the stories of the incredible women she’s worked with, I started to see parts of myself in them all. I bit the bullet and booked a session, and I’m convinced the deposit is what kept me from chickening out! My day being pampered by Lindsay and Erin and the images from the shoot showed me what everyone else sees in me; I am strong, I am fearless, I am worth something.

Self-love is a journey that you can’t put a timeframe on, and putting pressure on yourself to lose the weight and then you’ll be happy, or change this and then you’ll be happy will make it harder to reach that point. I’m forever thankful for Lindsay and the incredible community she’s created.” ~ H.


Boudoir New York_1244 Boudoir New York_1251 Boudoir New York_1252 Boudoir New York_1253 Boudoir New York_1256

Boudoir New York_1267 Boudoir New York_1254 Boudoir New York_1255 Boudoir New York_1245 Boudoir New York_1246 Boudoir New York_1259 Boudoir New York_1257 Boudoir New York_1258 Boudoir New York_1261 Boudoir New York_1260

Boudoir New York_1266 Boudoir New York_1247 Boudoir New York_1248 Boudoir New York_1249 Boudoir New York_1250 Boudoir New York_1264 Boudoir New York_1263 Boudoir New York_1243 Boudoir New York_1262

To shop these looks please visit!

Hair and Makeup by Erin Marie Artistry

Body Love Experience

I was super lucky to see this babe this morning for her order pick up appointment! She ordered our Metal Lex Estate Art Collection and 25 digital art pieces. Be sure to scope out some pictures of this #LRPBoudieBeauty with her Metal Lex Estate Art Collection at the end of the blog!

I feel like I don’t need to write anything for this because she really hits my ever single mission on the head with what she says!


“Calling her sessions “Body Love Experiences” may just sound like clever marketing, but I assure you, it is fact. 

My session was the closest I’ve ever felt to being a celebrity. I showed up in lounge pants and a tank, with a bare face and floppy hair and was immediately made to feel like a queen. I was treated to a boozy cup of coffee and sparkling water and we laid out my outfits. 

Then Erin put on some amazing music, had me hop up in her chair, and she got to work on my makeup and hair. I felt like an honest to goodness model. When I saw her gorgeous artistry on my face, I could hardly believe it. I looked like I’d stepped out of a magazine. 

I slipped into my first outfit and Lindsay got me all set up on a beautiful sofa with a faux fur throw. It felt very Game of Thrones and I was loving every second. 

Lindsay makes you feel like a rockstar. You feel sexy and confident and I wasn’t nervous for one second. She completely puts you at ease and coaches you during each pose. I could tell there were not going to be any “bad” picture of me, because she knows her shit so well, she was going to make sure I was radiant in every frame. 

When we were done, I was sad to leave! It felt like the coolest girl party ever. Before I even saw my proofs I knew I needed to tell every woman about this. 

As I type this my husband has no idea I’m about to pick up my art. I’ve managed to keep all of this a surprise for months, but in reality, I did it for me, not him. Yes, it will be a really fun surprise, but really this experience was completely for me. 

Here’s what I would like to get across to you…you are worthy of this experience. You deserve to feel this amazing too.

As I’ve told women about this I have heard, “I’m too old.” “I’m overweight.” “I’m not sexy enough.” And so on. I hate to break it to you, but you are dead wrong. 

I’m about to turn 37 and have a son who is almost 13. I have stretch marks. I have crows feet and laugh lines. I’m currently at my heaviest, non-pregnancy weight. I’m super curvy. I had a C-Section with my son so my lower stomach has never fully recovered. I’m short with short legs. I’m generally fairly awkward and not sexy.

But none of that mattered! 

I have followed Lindsay’s work for awhile and one of the reasons I chose to work with her because she does have such a perse clientele and everyone looks so stunning in their photos. 

I look like a goddess in mine. I’ve shown some friends the proofs and they were blow away. A friend of mine even booked her own session after she saw my “teaser” pics. 

There is never a “wrong” time to have a session like this. You don’t need to wait until you’ve lost 20 pounds, or until your kids are older, or until you are married, or some other arbitrary thing you are telling yourself. Decide you are perfect and worthy enough right now to capture yourself at this moment in time. 

I cannot wait to keep doing this again at different points in my life. Yes I’ll have more wrinkles, and some grey hair, and all of that, but who cares? My body is amazing and carries me through life every day, so why not celebrate it?

It’s never too late to truly love your body.” ~E


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I am just obsessed with this woman and cannot wait to see pictures of her art hung in her home!

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Another happy babe makes me a happy babe!Hair and Makeup by Erin Marie Artistry

Florida Curves – Part One.

As most of you know, I have a second business called Confident Curves.

Confident Curves is a traveling workshop produced in tandem with my partner in crime from across the boarder Teri Hofford.  Teri is a badass babe on a mission to change the way that both women and men approach their bodies and is what she coins herself as “an emotional dominatrix” shutting down negative self talk in everyone that she approaches.

Together Teri and I noticed that there was a big gap in the industry of body types that we felt were under represented!

As often as we heard from other photographers asking how to photograph curvy women, we heard the same thing about how to photograph women with “no curves” (ps all women have curves!)  Thus Confident Curves was born!

Our recent escapade was our #FloridaCurves2017 workshop where we had 11 amazing female photographers fly in from all over the US and Canada to learn from us.  Along with this we had 2 models and of course our Glam Goddess Erin Marie Artistry.  For the workshop we chose models with two completely different body types, both of whom have had years of trouble accepting their body for the way it was.

I believe we have made a small change in the way they view themselves now, and every shoot they get a bit closer to believing us.

I am going to toss it over to our featured model (a 2 time return client from NY, who happened to recently move to FL and be exactly what we were looking for for the shoot!  Cosmic alignment if you ask me!)

Read what she has to say about her experience at the workshop below and be sure to stay tuned for the next installments documenting this amazing workshop (including when we made all of our attendees put themselves in their clients shoes and get in front of our camera!) and life changing week!


“When Lindsay first asked me to write about my experience with her and the other photographers at the Confident Curves workshop I had no idea where to start. Then I started to see the photos she took of me on the beach and I was speechless.

After going through life of being told I’m not curvy enough, or too thin to be the “ideal” body shape I’ve had my fair share of body image issues. My father has gone periods of time where he thinks it’s appropriate to tell me “you’re disgusting”, “you’re too thin to find a husband” and “you won’t be able to have children, you don’t take care of yourself”. Criticism of any body type from anyone is hard, let alone your father; so needless to say I’m not confident in the way I look but after EVERY session I have with Lindsay I feel like I can slay!

So here we are…over a year and a half from my first two sessions with Lindsay and Erin, invited to model at workshop on a private beach in Boca Grande, FL. I was so excited and even more excited and anxious for some girl time and my first time away from my son since he was born, just over a year ago. Like most women I got the mom guilt that went along with it as well as my husband asking me if it was really necessary that I go away for a night..YES it is! I lost my self  being a wife and mother and needed a bit of time recharge, and find me again.

Lindsay brought some new sets from The Shops at the Loft for me to use, and I had the super talented Erin glamming me up! At first the session started like any other, me being self conscious and unsure of what I was doing. No more then ten minutes go by and I’m walking into the ocean feeling alive and in touch with myself. There is something to be said being in the ocean during sunset and taking off your clothes to take a dip; it’s a feeling like no other. It’s so invigorating and freeing! Now I take a look at the photos Lindsay shot and I don’t feel the guilt of being away from my family for a night, I feel proud that I took some time for me; I don’t feel ashamed of my body, I feel confident of the body I have and that I have this body after having a child! After a shoot I respect myself and my body a bit more and it lasts a little bit longer each time. This is why I think every woman should invest in herself, in the experience, and  in the amazing team that is Lindsay and Erin, they will make you feel so comfortable and confident and it is truly worth it.

I mean who doesn’t want to run into the ocean during sunset embracing all of what mother nature has made?”


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