Intimate Lifestyle Portraiture

There is something to be said for the unstaged moments, the moments where most people are typically not watching.

This is the goal of our Intimate Lifestyle Portraiture sessions that we offer to our return clients.

Now of course I will still pose and shoot like a normal session, but the difference is that we are creating a different set and a story now…a story about you and who you are.  Be it in your home among your things, in your barn along with your animals, or in the favorite hotel room you stay in every time you go to NYC between photoshoots while you scarf down a pizza and some swigs of champs before running out the door to to get to your spa appointment.

These sessions are about YOUR reality.  The quiet moments, the loud moments, the intimate moments usually saved for behind closed doors.

When you come for your first session we create glamour and unleash your inner sexual being, but when you return we create the story that captures this intimacy in a way that is unique to only you.

Erin and I had a blast in NYC last time we were there, despite me coming down with the plague, we still managed to get in, what might be, my favorite photoshoot of Erin to date.

Makeup leftover from that mornings makeup client and a 3 hour drive later we were ravenous and ready to finally relax before running out the door to our spa appointment.  Having originally planned to photograph Erin the next morning, we saw the light coming in the room from the early setting sun and decided to say “fuck it” and do the shoot then and there….to capture the reality of the moment and of this extraordinary life that we are lucky enough to be able to live.

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Hair and Makeup by Erin Marie Artistry

Return Client: Rustic Fine Art On-Location Boudoir

There are few things that make me happier that when we have clients return for us for a 2nd or 3rd photoshoot!

Did you know that we offer 3 different types of shoots, with 2 of only being available to our returning clients?

We offer the Self Love Experience which are our studio sessions available to all clients and a requirement before you are eligible for one of the other types of sessions we offer.  Our return clients however get some of the really, really good stuff!

Available to return clients ONLY are the following two types of sessions!

Fine Art On-Location Boudoir:  This is your opportunity  to go to a new location or out in nature, chase the sunsets, get into the water, you name it!

Intimate Lifestyle Portrait Sessions: where we go to our clients homes and photograph them in their natural space.  These shoots are always some of my favorite and usually the 3rd time clients come to us. There is something about keeping it completely natural…almost always nude and comfortable, and capturing you in the reality of your life.  Where you see piles of dirty dishes, We see incredible opportunity to create intimate and real art.

Soooo…Had your first session and already itching for another – let’s do something new! Let’s chase the sunset, lets go to your house and make folding laundry look like the sexiest thing you have ever done!


This #LRPBoudiebeauty came back to us as a return client  for her second session not long after her first.  We had discovered the incredible M&D Farms and were dying to go explore the space and put a call out in our VIP Group for the opportunity to shoot in this space.  This babe answered the call!

There is something magical about M&D Farms….I know what it is and why it is…it is the owners.  It is Mario and Daniel.  Their passion for creating ambiance that incorporates a multi-cultural vibe with good at home appeal  is not lost on the many brides that book their weddings there and films that are filmed there…but more than that they have an energy that is so warm it can be felt from the second you pull up to the driveway.

You walk into the Farmhouse and you can smell the amazing food Daniel is cooking and hear the laugh of Mario and are instantaneously embraced by a true and genuine welcome and gratitude for coming to their space to create.  This space is not just made for weddings and events…this space is made for artists…it is a hub for creation.

….and create we did…


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Oh…I forgot to add that since it was shot on Halloween we changed this babe into a 2nd look so she could go back to NYC for the parade…we drove around until we found what we thought was the perfect side of the road location…which it was not…we were stopped by security, grilled, threatened to be put on the Homeland Security watch list, and pretty scared shitless.  A few raises of the vocal octave and eye bats later they let us leave…apparently we decided to stop in front of a nuclear plant.  Uh oh!

At least it made for some epic futuristic shots and check out that epic makeup by our Glam Goddess Erin Marie Artistry


3001_0575 3001_0576

Her First Session

I am so excited to FINALLY be able to share the first of 2 sessions with this incredible #LRPBoudieBeauty!  Soon after her first session we had hosted a casting call for a fine art nude session at a new venue we wanted to explore, and knew that this babe would be the absolutely perfect fit!!!  So An Opulent Album, Guilded Opulent Album, 4 AMAZEBALLS Metal Lex Estate Art pieces, and a couture Folio later and we are able to share the goodness with you!  

Stay tuned in a few weeks for her 2nd, totally different, rustic, fine art nude session photographed at M&D Farms!


“We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known✨ Berné Brown

The internet is a funny thing…one day you’re  watching dog videos, next thing you know you’re making friends with people you never knew existed. It’s through one of those friends that I came to know about LRP.
When I first saw Lindsay’s work I was in awe. I had never given much thought to the concept of boudoir photography. But as I clicked through her photos something resonated within me. These were all regular, everyday, HUMAN people. In some very open and vulnerable positions and they all had one thing in common. The looked confident af. I wanted to be like these women.  
I come from a household that does not value the human body. While it was never shamed it was certainly not celebrated. I was more likely to receive a compliment on being intelligent than beautiful. That is a concept that has shaped a lot of who I’ve become as a person. I can be painfully shy, I tend to avoid direct eye contact and I keep up walls. When someone pays me a physical compliment I am quick to brush it off. I am NOT vulnerable. 
I decided to sign up with Lindsay to help me break my own walls…and she helped me smash the shit out of them. 
There was little hesitation before I took the leap and signed myself up for a session. From the very beginning something about working with Lindsay was empowering. The vibes she threw off were like little electric shocks of positive energy. She was pumped up and in turn – I was pumped up too.
From the moment I arrived, with my bag of lingerie in tow, Lindsay was quick to greet me with a warm smile and her sweet demeanor. It was as if I was visiting an old friend. 
Between getting glammed up by Miss Erin Marie, listening to some kick add music and following Lindsay’s expert direction I was shattering years of built up self doubt. 
I left the shoot feeling like a mother fucking rockstar. I felt unstoppable. The walls that I had spent so many years building up had begun to crumble. It was simply amazing. 
When I returned for my reveal, the real magic happened. I saw myself. I really SAW myself. Vulnerability and all, and it was beautiful. I had finally allowed myself to be deeply seen.”
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Hair and Makeup by the incomparable Erin Goyer Brink of Erin Marie Artistry

You Can Tell The Wolves I’m Home

You have heard the saying about reason, season, lifetime?  I have found this statement to ring especially true in my life lately.  Perhaps it is because I am now 30 and realized a little too late in life that it is not worth it to surround yourself with people who are toxic for you.  Perhaps it is because I believe that all of my clients are sent to me for a reason because I have something to learn from them.  Perhaps it is a little bit of both.

I find that each women I encounter adds and changes just a little bit of the fabric of who I am as a person.  Hearing their stories, seeing their strength, watching them realize their worth….there is no way that experiencing this as often as Erin and I do won’t begin to change who you are as a person.  I like this change in who I am.  I might not be the person who I was 10 years ago…hell I might not be the same person in 1 hour that I am right now…and I am ok with that.

I am ok with the recognition that outgrowing someone is ok.

But enough about me for now.  This client is one of those that had not a small impact on me, but a huge one and I am so honored that she has not only allowed me to share this with you, but has the strength to share some of her own journey as well.


“21  & Divorced. As soon as you tell anyone they define you by it. Hell I defined myself by it. I had lost myself in my marriage completely. I stopped trying for things I wanted cause ‘it wouldn’t happen’ or ‘it didn’t make sense’. I couldn’t even look at myself the same, I mean when the person that’s suppose to love you doesn’t even like what they see it changes you. I knew I wanted to do something for myself, yea I had got back into modeling when I came home but my confidence wasn’t there. I wanted something to symbolize a fresh start, something bold. Then I stumbled onto Lindsay’s work and fell in love every women was so empowering, and flawless. I knew I had to book a shoot with her, but I didn’t know what it would mean to me. I did this for me, and I couldn’t be happier I did. It was the boost I needed, I’m going after the things I wanted with more confidence than ever. My fresh start is never what I pictured I mean it was rock bottom. But it’s been one fierce and beautiful start.

So 21 & Divorced? Yea 

But you can tell the wolves I’m home”


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Hair and Makeup by: Erin Marie Artistry

I Am Not a Model

Sometimes, you don’t need to hear from me…this is one of those times.


“This took me a long time to write.  I would like to say that I was busy (which I kind of was) but the truth is I had no idea where to begin or what to say.  I wanted to write something that was deep and meaningful or witty and funny.  I landed on writing something honest and hoping that at least one person found it interesting enough to look away from the current Snapchat filter of the day and read til the end.

Let’s start by saying this, I am not a model.  I am not even a person who likes to post gratuitous selfies in my bathroom mirror.  TBH, that is partly because I don’t like taking pictures of myself and partly because I live in fear that someone will notice how long it has been since I cleaned my shower. But nonetheless, I went on this boudoir journey.  I found Lindsay through a friend of a friend on FB and decided that I wanted to see if she could make me look like the obviously professional models she had already shot. I hope you, reader, know I am kidding.  Lindsay makes everyone look like the goddess/model they truly are.

It is incredibly difficult to be a woman these days.  If you are strong and outspoken, you’re bossy… a bitch.  If you are quiet and understated, you are uptight… a bitch.  And don’t even get me started on the thin line we have to walk between slutty and modest.  With all this in mind, I felt like I needed an excuse to take the pictures.  They would be a gift for my future husband! Tada! See, its not really for me, its for him.  The running dialogue in my head was that it was completely narcisstic and conceited to spend money on myself.  And then to have pictures of myself hanging around my home?!?!  I’ll never live this down with my girlfriends.  In retropect, I should have worn my decision with pride.

There is no joking about the experience the day of taking the pictures.  Not that it isn’t fun or even at times funny, but I don’t want to make light of it. Lindsay and Erin are warm, kind, generous and completely comfortable with someone parading around in stilettos and little else.  Their generous nature made me feel so comfortable that I was almost able to ignore my inner neurotic, trying to scream through the whole time.  She broke through only a little when I couldn’t stop a slightly quivering lip.  Lindsay assured me the camera couldn’t see it and she would make sure any glimpse of my nerves would be edited out.

Once I was done I left feeling accomplished and excited.  I also left with a full face of makeup and my hair done so I was feeling good and looking even better.  Insert the raise the roof emoji here.  Then, I slowly deflated.  I had seen Lindsay’s pictures and I couldn’t possibly look as good as those women.  Could I?  They were skinnier, prettier, professional, more confident.  I am so glad Lindsay does the reveal.  I can honestly say that I almost didn’t recognize myself at first.  Not because the photos didn’t look like me but because I couldn’t visualize myself to be as beautiful as Linsday had captured me.  Lindsay assured me it was, in fact, me and that was the person she saw.

Let me just say, if I had all the money in the world, I would have wallpapered my apartment with those pictures.  I’d put them on my dishes so I could find me staring back from the bottom of my cereal bowl after my fruit pebbles were gone.  It is not gratuitous and narcisstic to go through this experience.  It is empowering.  I stopped making the excuse that I did this for my husband. (Although he thoroughly enjoys the photos, as well.)  I did this for me and for every burger and ice cold beer I continue to consume.  I don’t need to be a certain size or have a certain skill level to look like the women Lindsay shoots because I am one of those women.  I am in the company of a group of women who have made the conscious decision to love themselves and to surround themselves with photographic evidence of their beauty.

Thank you Lindsay and Erin, you are truly special people with amazing gifts.  I know I may joke, but this is worth EVERY PENNY.  In fact, I am sure that if we did the math, I owe these two more.  They have given me an invaluable gift.  The gift of self-assurance and confidence in my own body.  I am not sure I could ever repay you.  – XOXO”


3001_0420 3001_0425 3001_0428 3001_0427 3001_0421 3001_0430 3001_0431 3001_0429 3001_0426 3001_0422 3001_0424 3001_0432 3001_0433 3001_0434 3001_0435 3001_0423

Hair and Makeup by Erin Marie Artistry.

I just love this picture of this #LRPBoudieBeauty with her amazing Little Black Book, Metal Estate Art and Fine Art Print!

I am just love today!!! 3 babes that came to pick up their amazing art and the start of my birthday vacation! Here is the first of 3 gorgeous art reveals we had today!!! 💎💎💎 #boudoir #MetalEstateArt #littleblackbook #fineartportraiture #printsnotpixles #Framesnotfiles #boudoirphotographerny #nycphotographer #nycboudoir #troyboudoir #albanyboudoir #saratogaspringsboudoir #redlips #leopardlingerie #feminist #beautifulwomen 💄: @erinmarieartistry

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Never the Less She Persisted

One of the things I love most about working with return clients is that the trust has already been established.  We have already gotten through the tough parts of breaking barriers to be able to really connect on a different level and create some amazing art.  This is why we only offer Fine Art On-Location and At Home Intimate Lifestyle Portraiture sessions to returning clients.  Once you have made it through your Self Love Experience, the reasons to come back for more still exist.  We work together to explore different sides of yourself. This time, we took to really challenging our babe by bringing her out nude into nature.  She was vulnerable in more ways than one this time around.  To her environment, to be completely nude in some shots, to fight fridgid temperatures. 

This #LRPBoudieBeauty let me know how awful she was feeling the day of her session, but what I admired most was that she took that as part of the experience.  She had told me going in that she wanted to capture a more raw and powerful side to herself this time, and going into her session feeling as awful as she did l think that lended itself to the challenge of celebrating all aspects of who she is.  

She may have been feeling at her worst but never the less, she persisted. 

“As many of you know, after your first shoot with Lindsay and Erin you tend to fall head over heels for the experience and seeing yourself for the hotttt-ass woman you are. For me, it took less than a year to book my second shoot, and I was beyond excited for it! Where my first shoot was focused on creating “bedroom sexy” photos for my fiancé, this shoot was for ME. I wanted to strip down (literally and figuratively), show some vulnerability, and create some amazing art.

I booked this shoot far enough in advance where I would be able to hop back on the exercise wagon and get in better shape before the big day. I thought this shoot would be able to act as a reward and “check point” for my fitness/health progress…but, boy was I wrong. By the time my shoot came around, I was in the worst shape I’ve been in my entire life. Finishing my masters degree got the best of me…lack of time = junk food and choosing to sleep an extra hour instead of working out. Not only was I in terrible physical shape, but I felt awful, my eczema was acting up, and I was dealing with the worst period (and therefore back pain) I’ve ever had in my life.

In a funny way, I think doing this shoot at an insecure and uncomfortable time allowed me to better appreciate the art we created, and more importantly, better appreciate myself. There I was, bare-ass naked out in 22 degree weather, in front of Lindsay, Erin, and the camera. If that doesn’t say vulnerable, I don’t know what does. I was subject to illness, the weather, and my insecurities…but I put myself out there anyway, and I’m sure glad I did. The final product was AMAZING! Sure, maybe I let Lindsay edit the photos a little more than I first intended, but underneath it all was me. I can look at this amazing art we created and feel HELLA good about myself, even though I know what state I was in that day. And isn’t that what we all need sometimes? A reminder that we are indeed beautiful, sexy, and powerful — even at our lowest.”

3001_0395 3001_0384 3001_0386 3001_0387 3001_0385 3001_0388 3001_0391 3001_0399 3001_0398 3001_0392 3001_0390 3001_0397 3001_0396 3001_0389 3001_0393 3001_0394 3001_0400 3001_0401

 I also have to show how amazing her art for her Diamond Ice Block is!  I just love when our babes include a bad-ass quote on these acrylic pieces!


….and this awesome cell phone snap she sent me that she took of all of her amazing art from this On-Location Fine Art Session!

Hair and Makeup by Erin Marie Artistry

Trapped – A Personal Art Project

As much as I am a business woman, I am 10x more an artist.

There is a burning desire within me to create, and to create art that expresses the deepest parts of myself.  For many years this was expressed through acting in dramatic plays, and then into singing and of course now this is expressed through my photography.  I spend so many of my days telling the stories of other women (incredible, awe inspiring, women) that sometimes I forget the importance of allowing art to share my own story.

I thought about sharing the why, the how, the who that inspired me to create this project…but then I decided against it.  Art is as much about the artist as it is about what it provokes in it’s viewer.  So I will allow you to create the story, be it mine or yours, and to interpret this project of your own will.

A special thank you to Beth, my muse; Erin for her beautiful makeup artistry, Vic Christopher for allowing be to use his awesome construction space, and to my friend Sara for being an amazing assistant on this project.

I present to you:



3001_0348 3001_0349 3001_0350 3001_0353 3001_0352 3001_0351 3001_0354 3001_0355 3001_0356 3001_0357 3001_0358 3001_0359 3001_0360 3001_0361 3001_0362 3001_0363 3001_0364 3001_0365
3001_0368 3001_0369 3001_0370 3001_0371 3001_0372 3001_0373 3001_0374 3001_0375 3001_0376 3001_0377 3001_0378 3001_0379

This is Just Temporary

There are some days when my purpose in life is clearly revealed to me.  It is not just about showing women that they are beautiful, but reminding them to believe it.  

I won’t ever forget getting this babes email.  Sitting in the movie theatre with my husband and daughter 30 minutes early (obviously,) I decided to check my email.  Seeing her email was an automatic hit right to my heart.  Having had multiple family members go through and win their battles, this is something that has always touched the deepest part of my empath heart.  There was no questions in my mind that Erin and I would do whatever we needed to do to get this beauty in before she started her procedures.  We knew that we would move whatever mountains we needed to to accommodate…and we did.  We knew that even though she was stressed about wardrobe that she had nothing to worry about becasue we have a full rack of goodies here for her to choose from, and can always fall back on a white sheet.  Funny enough, she rolled in in her comfy clothes as we recommend and I just LOVED her T-shirt, and with a little convincing, was able to show her how badass it would photograph.  That is still one of my favorite looks of the session. 

We encounter so many incredible women in the line of work we do.  Every one of them leaves a fingerprint on our hearts and changes who we are just a little bit…but this babe left a real handprint on my heart.  Her spirt showed me that we, women, are invincible if we believe we are and that even when there may be nothing but dark clouds overhead that true strength comes from seeing the sunshine right on the other side. 


“Two days after finally signing up for my shoot I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Instead of spending the next few months shopping for lingerie, I was suddenly consumed with non-stop doctor appointments and tests. When I let Lindsay know about the change in my situation, she immediately rearranged her schedule so she and Erin could fit me in for my session before my treatment was supposed to start. I had a week to get ready, which made things that much more complicated, but Lindsay reassured me everything was going to work out just fine.
Instead of the shoot being about rediscovering myself after years of being a wife and mother, it became more about documenting myself and my body before the major changes that were about to take hold. Through the pictures I realized there was a beautiful and sexy woman in my body all along. Lindsay helped me see a side of myself that was pushed to the back for too many years. I received the pictures on a day when I was laid up in bed, my hair gone, feeling weak and generally having a pity party for myself. The pictures cheered me up like nothing else could have at that moment. It made me realize this is just temporary, and I already look forward to my next shoot, once I’ve made it through the other side.”


3001_0248 3001_0249 3001_0250 3001_0251 3001_0252 3001_0253 3001_0254 3001_0255 3001_0256 3001_0257 3001_0258 3001_0259 3001_0260 3001_0261 3001_0262 3001_0274 3001_0263 3001_0264 3001_0265 3001_0266 3001_0267 3001_0268 3001_0269 3001_0270 3001_0271 3001_0272 3001_0273 3001_0275

The Loft at LRP

As of March 6, 2017 LRP Boudoir is officially re-locating all shoots to our AMAZING new studio in Downtown Troy.

We have decided to name this glorious space The Loft at LRP because the new studio is an incredible 2 story, exposed brick, open loft right on River Street in the heart of Downtown Troy.

Along with relocating all of our boudoir sessions to this space come March, I have also decided to bring in some other bad-ass boss babes to join me on this adventure!  Erin (known to most as our Goddess of Glam) will be hosting bridal party glam mornings, bridal trials, and event makeup on days we are not shooting.  We also are sharing our space with Chef Jill, a culinary queen! I met Jill a few years ago when I hired her to cater the official launch of the Boudoir Exclusive segment of Lindsay Rae Photography. Jill makes the most delectable dishes and will be using the huge kitchen to teach private cooking classes (first one is on Valentine’s Day! I will be there for that one and cannot wait, the menu looks amazeballs!)  She will also be offering healthy meal prep and catering as well as adding to our luxury experience for brides by offering catered brunches while you get ready for your big day!

Can you picture it now?  Erin downstairs glamming the bride first, who will then come up to me for morning of bridal boudoir, while downstairs Jill caters a champagne brunch while the brides maids take their turn in the “chair of glamour”  THIS is our dream.  This dream is now a reality.  If you are a bride interested in this option, you will definitely want to email me asap so I can connect you directly to the rest of the crew so we can get your morning locked in!  (Cough cough, Franklin Plaza brides, this is walking distance from your venue!)

With the announcement now officially made let me tell you a little bit about this session!

Erin and I decided it was time to break out the camera in the new space! About 75% of the way finished, with paint still drying in some areas, we decided to see what we could create, without giving away too much of the glamorous decor we have before our official opening in March.  The creamy exposed brick that covers the loft is almost enough in itself, but add to that the big windows, the vintage pully and the wrought iron stairs and railings and you have the makings of a dream portrait space.  But don’t just take my word for it, check out our first session at The Loft at LRP below!

3001_0220 3001_0221 3001_0222 3001_0223 3001_0224 3001_0225 3001_0226 3001_0231 3001_0228 3001_0232 3001_0229 3001_0230 3001_0227 3001_0233

A Returning Client

This one comes right from the mouth of this stunning return #LRPBoudieBeauty


“I did my first session with Lindsay about a year and a half ago. I was about 6 months into my fitness journey then…and have come even further since. In total, I’ve lost about 60 pounds and dropped 8 sizes. But it’s a funny thing, how our brains work. Even though my body is so different and in essence, what I’ve been striving for, I spent so long in my old body that I am even more self conscious of my new body. Ironic isn’t it? People think that you lose weight and bam! You’re “skinny” and flaunting your new skin. Don’t get me wrong, I feel great and am proud of my new self. But for so long, I was a big woman. And often, when people refer to me as skinny or small or not large, it strikes me as completely odd. We’re all works in progress, and we are all beautiful. I look forward to my next session with Lindsay….they just keep getting better and better. Each time she brings out a different side of me, and it’s always the best one yet!”


3001_0189 3001_0190 3001_0196 3001_0197 3001_0198 3001_0191 3001_0201 3001_0193 3001_0199 3001_0192 3001_0200 3001_0194 3001_0195 3001_0202

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