Master of Yourself

“It is not possible to control the outside of yourself until you have mastered your breathing space. It is not possible to change anything until you understand the substance you wish to change.”
~ Jeanette Winterson, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit

It is a new year, and although not much has changed from 4 days ago, the feeling of newness and fresh beginnings are all around us.  Something about a fresh year gives us a feeling of power and control. The feeling that we get a clean slate and therefor can make new decisions and life choices moving forward. Although I am not one for resolutions. I am one for plans, and this year one of my plans is to work on reflecting my focus inwards, creating art that not only expresses who my clients are, but speaks to the mission in which I am on.

When people think of BDSM their mind automatically goes to 50 Shades of Grey and other cliche’s like furry handcuffs…but when I think about it, I see it a bit differently.  I think that with this series of images, Sara and I really set out to create a story of Self Mastery. Of becoming our own master and having full and total control of yourself.  I am a believer that it is the instances when we are most vulnerable that our strengths really have the opportunity to shine through. It is when we are both literally and figuratively tied down that we must reflect inwards and come to terms with who we really are.

The rope work that is featured in the shoot is an ancient art form called Shibari.  It was such a moment of exchanged energy and connection, for Sara and I, as I meticulously tied the ropes through her direction, taking the time to make sure every wrap and knot was lined up with perfection. I got to know quite a bit about the insane strength that this slender and delicate body held within. The lack of hesitation in her direction, the calm as she fully handed herself over to the process. It is something I admired…a moment that really struck a cord with me and dare I say changed me and my approach with myself and my clients.  It was in the moment of the most vulnerability, stripped down and tied up that Sara’s strength of character and and self confidence really shined.

This process showed me how lucky I am to be handed the fragile trust of my clients, their confidence, their bruised egos, their fears and weaknesses and how important the work is that I do while helping these beautiful women see what I see. I realized the power that allowing vulnerability to be celebrated has for not only my clients, but how it strengthens me with every single woman I meet.  The blessing that I am given as each of my clients exchange such private and personal stories and share their energy with me.

Because at the end of the day everything, including mastering yourself, is about an exchange of energy and power.

11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3229 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3231 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3245 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3248 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3262 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3270 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3273 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3290 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3300 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3312 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3318 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3334 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3343 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3349 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3360 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3371 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3377 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3390 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3394 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3417 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3422 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3427 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3428 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3445 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3448 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3456 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3461 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3476 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3494 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3513 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3515 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3519 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3547 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3549 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3559 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3574 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3577 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3611 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3617-2 11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3623

Makeup by: Cassandra McKenna

New York Boudoir

I am really excited to finally get around to blogging this session! Things over here have been amazingly busy with the holiday season. Now with Valentine’s Day sessions kicking into high gear it has been hard to find the time to blog as much as I want to. But I am excited to be back with this gorgeous session from Rebecca!

Rebecca was amazingly generous in letting our team film her session so we could show the world exactly what an Empowered Boudoir Experience with LRP is all about.

A little bit about this gorgeous, sophisticated woman before we get into the video and pictures….Rebecca is an energy practitioner. You don’t even need to hear her speak to immediately feel the positive light radiating from her the second she enters a room.  All of this positivity radiating from a woman who has been dealt anything but an easy hand in life the past 3 years. Rebecca’s youngest son, “Baby Joey,” is nothing short of a miracle child. To read more about Rebecca’s journey with Joey, I highly suggest checking out her BLOG  and the trailer for Into Loving Hands, the documentary Victoria Kereszi has been producing about Rebecca and Joey’s medical journey.

Let’s start this party with a recap of A Self Love Experience and then get into some of our favorite shots from this Goddess’s session!

8-24-15 Rebecca Malcom Williams Boudoir-8334 (PS)8-24-15 Rebecca Malcom Williams Boudoir-8417 (PS) 8-24-15 Rebecca Malcom Williams Boudoir-8475 - Copy8-24-15 Rebecca Malcom Williams Boudoir-8463 (PS)8-24-15 Rebecca Malcom Williams Boudoir-8583-4 8-24-15 Rebecca Malcom Williams Boudoir-8625-PS8-24-15 Rebecca Malcom Williams Boudoir-8640 (PS2)8-24-15 Rebecca Malcom Williams Boudoir-8633 (PS) 8-24-15 Rebecca Malcom Williams Boudoir-8710 (PS) 8-24-15 Rebecca Malcom Williams Boudoir-8720 (PS)

A very special thank you to Victoria Kereszi, Kenny Hopkins, Erin Marie Artistry, Pecks Arcade and Sarah Parker Ward for all of your contributions to the creation of our video!