Black Widow: A Halloween Inspired Boudoir

It is no surprise to some, that Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday!  I mean, if you come to our studio, you will see my small (and ever growing collection) of glamorous skulls. To some people they go shopping for Halloween decorations…to me I go shopping for house decorations!

This is the first of several spooky and sexy sessions inspired by the holiday and one we were pretty excited to see featured in both the digital and print versions of September’s Issue of Surreal Beauty Magazine!

For this session we used the Black Widow spider as inspiration.

Often mistaken by predators as weak, due to the delicate looking nature of the spider, this elegant, 8 legged beast is far from fragile and underestimating her power can lead to quite unpleasant consequences.  I think this is perfect symbolism for the force of the female energy.

I absolutely love this explanation of the Black Widow,  and think it most perfectly sums up our goals for this session:

The Black Widow is a symbol of Femininity, Sexual Power, Cunning, Intellect, and Independence.

“A delicate Black Widow is not to be trifled with. She may seem fragile and helpless on the outside, but she is poised and ready to launch a deadly strike at a moment’s notice. The Black Widow is a symbol of Femininity, Sexual Power, Cunning, Intellect, and Independence.
The image is one of the most popular in the genre and is, by far, one most associated with women who have strong, untameable personas.”

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Location: Che’Arch Venue
Lace Lingerie: Slapback in Brooklyn
Stripped Skirt: Pinup Girl Clothing
Trapped Beetle necklace: Insect Diva

#LRPBoudieBeauty: Sadie Century

Check out our 4 pages published in Surreal Beauty Magazine, September Issue “Sisu”:

surreal-beauty-issue-sisu-1 surreal-beauty-issue-sisu-2

Fall Outdoor Boudoir

Carolyn and I were introduced about a year ago through our mutual friend Sarah. Sarah must have known from the start that connecting the two of us would result in nothing but pure magic. Carolyn is one of those down to earth girls that exists in the moment, she doesn’t care about the latest trends or what the Kardashians are wearing (yes I am a admitted Kardashian addict, judge me, its fine, I judge myself for it.) Because of this, her style absolutely and positively rocks! It is who she is, what she is feeling in the moment, and it is bad-ass! She legit has a pintrest lookbook of her wardrobe and when it came time to style her session, she gave me free reign to put together whatever outfits I wanted from her collection. I was literally drooling at some of her awesome pieces…um kitty panties and pegasus heels?! yes please!

Despite the insane rush of the fall  / holiday busy season, I was so obsessed with this session that I forwent sleep in exchange for editing to make sure that I got it out just in time for my favorite holiday of the year! An entire holiday where everyone is almost as weird as I am, it is much easier to find awesome skull-y things, and where Nina Simone plays on repeat (see above, you are welcome 😉 <3)

So Ghouls and Gals, Happy Fall – Happy Halloween – Happy best time of the damn year!

10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-8828 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-8832 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-8857 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-8862 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-8868 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-8881 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-8919 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-8938 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-8947 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-8955 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-8968 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-8977 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-8982 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-8995 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-9001-2 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-9029 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-9061 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-9070 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-9140 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-9166 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-9209 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-9214 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-9244 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-9283 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-9288 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-9304 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-9370 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-9374 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-9448 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-945310-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-947810-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-9475 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-9514 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-9547 10-15-15 Carolyn Walker Boudoir-9581
A special thank you to Cassandra McKenna for her beautiful makeup artistry!

Curated Print Products

 “You never know the value of a picture until it is all you have left.”

I’m sure you’ve heard that statement before. I know I have, but had never given it much thought until photos were all I had left. Before going into photography, I always used to take pictures with my phone and post them on Facebook. It wasn’t until October 16, 2013, when I lost one of my dearest and oldest friends in a tragic accident, that I really learned the value of self-preservation through pictures. When photos are all you have left to remember someone by, their value increases astronomically! I think back and remember when my grandmother passed away, going through her old pictures and stumbling upon a box of old prints from when she was younger. It was incredible to see time preserved in these photos, holding them in my hands transported me to a time before I even existed. That is the power of pictures, to transport us, to freeze time. All that is left behind when we are gone are our pictures and memories. Seeing her so young, with her hair perfectly coiffed and posed, I am reminded of old black and white modeling photos of Judy Garland. Luckily, I have an old vintage nighty of hers that my mother kept for me. I shot my dear friend Kristen in it. (Check it out in a previous blog post!)

I love social media and the age of the internet, but with technology ever evolving I sometimes fear for the future of our digital memories. We went from huge disks, to floppy disks, to cd’s to usbs…as each of these mediums become outdated, we loose more and more of our pictures and memories. Thankfully, the one thing that can’t be outdated or replaced by the newest technology is prints.

After months and months of sourcing every professional print lab in the United States, England, Australia, etc. I finally ended up with a Canadian, professionals only, print lab. The albums are handcrafted in the finest Italian tradition. These prints are heirloom quality, and truly designed to last forever. My new website, with a brand new products page is launching later this year. In the meantime, here is a sneak peak of our newest collections:









Just a few of the many swatches from our options for your album cover!


And of course our boutique packaging <3


Are you ready to preserve your legacy and take part in an empowering long term investment to capitalize on your individual beauty?

Lets chat!

Email me at

Troy, NY Portraits

Miss Kitty P, also now known as the leading lady for the band Donner Social, (You have to hear the pipes on this girl – she can saaaannngggg!) has graced my camera again!   Can you believe she actually let me color her hair? Yes, she bleached it out and then let me have my way with it doing a bold lavender to blue ombre…I am sort of obsessed, and not just because I did it myself!  Once of my favorite things about Kitty is her ever evolving style, she doesn’t try to fit in, she just wears what she wants when she wants it and the same thing goes for her hair.  That confidence in being 100% herself is something that totally inspires me, and that all of us women can take a tip from!

This time we set out to capture the last of the setting summer sun in Downtown Troy for our Ruby Rose inspired session.With Orange is The New Black being one of the hits of the summer, we were super inspired by Ruby Rose’s feminine yet still androgynous style, and more specifically, her super girl ability to rock a blazer with any outfit and make it sexy as hell!

For indoor boudoir sessions, try mixing a sexy blazer with high waisted bottoms (for my curvy ladies, like myself) or lacy bikini bottoms (for the slender or more athletic builds) with a lacy bra or even no bra for a super sophisticated and provocative look.

1_3531 1_3532 1_3533 1_3535 1_3536 1_3537 1_3538 1_3539 1_3540 1_3541 1_3543 1_3544 1_3545 1_3546 1_3547 1_3548 1_3549 1_3550 1_3551 1_3552 1_3553 1_3555 1_35561_3557

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Self Portrait

There has been a challenge of sorts circulating around the Boudoir community to get in front of your own camera. I decided to take this challenge.  You may have seen the amazing session that Cate Scaglione of Life As Fine Art captured for me, if not you definitely should check it out HERE, this session captured the me that I try to put out into the world. Sophisticated, elegant and a bit edgy…

However….the time has come to really just allow myself to be raw, to live in the emotions that I am feeling and to embrace the beauty of not only light, but darkness.

Let’s be honest here, as amazing as life is, we all go through trials and tribulations and things that make us sort of want to curl up into a ball. I went through one of these things recently when I faced a total violation and breach of trust. I will be honest, I really let this event in my life affect me, bring me to tears and make me question my love and trust in people in general.  I gave myself about 5 days to “wallow” in my sorrow before my beautiful clients snapped me right out of it by embracing their own experience. I got a call at 930pm last night from one of my new clients from NYC, this client might have been my most nervous and vulnerable client to date, but she went through this amazing transformation in front of my camera.  She has finally gotten a chance to view her gallery and called me to tell me how “hot” she looked.  That moment, of hearing my client love herself, that is what snapped me out of it…now the residual feelings from what I went through are still there, but I decided to give myself the experience I give my clients in front of my own camera.

I embraced the moment I was in, no makeup, no clothes,  not even a brush through the hair.  Completely vulnerable and emotionally exposed, I just went for it.  I have been photographed before…but I have never photographed myself with anything aside from my cell phone, so this was especially challenging for me. More challenging than getting the settings right for the dark, emotional vibe I wanted to capture was the self-talk.  I had to talk myself into trusting myself, the same way I ease my clients into trusting me, and by the end of my session with myself, I felt free of all of the darkness that has been surrounding me lately…almost like the camera sucked it all up.

What you see may not be the best technical photography or best poses I have ever done, but they are raw, they are me, and they are my way of saying “I am in this with you girls”

In the words of my dear friend Rebecca Williams “I honor the skin I am in.”