I tend to consider myself pretty good at being able to read people right up front, knowing the type of client they will be for me, if they will need some tough love during their session or just kind of go with the flow and trust me 100%. I really thought Stephanie would be the former.

I have to say, I have never been more wrong. Stephanie came in for her session calm and cool and collected and I assumed she would be riddled with nerves, but she wasn’t. I assumed she would need help learning to be comfortable in her skin, and she didn’t. I assumed she would struggle with a few of the tougher poses and she held them without batting an eye.  No Stephanie wasn’t the one who needed a little tough love during her session…it was me.  This woman came in so calm and within herself and her moment that I learned from her even more so not to have pre-concieved notions about anyone.

During our reveal session, I asked, as I always do, the level of retouching she wanted for her session and she said to me so matter of factly “I don’t really need much, I am comfortable with my body.”  I agreed that she didn’t really need much with her session, aside from little things like fixing creases from sitting on the ledge or marks on the skin from previous outfits..(now I personally love retouching, I think it is just like polishing a nice car, we don’t change anything, just clean the image up and make it sparkle) I admired her for knowing so matter of factly what she wanted for herself.  My admiration has 0 to do with whether she had a full editorial retoutch or not an ounce of editing, but had everything to do with how matter of fact she was in knowing what she wanted.

I know I say this in all of my blogs, but the truth of the matter is that I really do learn from each of my clients.  I pull just a little bit from each of you to build myself into a stronger and more refined version of me.  A dash of confidence from here, a bit of self worth from here, a bit of how to overcome anxieties from there…it is amazing what you ladies do for me by simply being true to yourselves and allowing me to be an active observer.

I really love this session and Stephanie’s transformation and will share again her before and after image.  Her before image isn’t stripped of makeup and taken before the shoot, but it is one of her favorite selfies, an image that represents what she loves about herself and the after is simply the moment of vulnerability and sensuality that she allowed me to capture.  I also am proud to say that we won an AIBP Award for one of Stephanie’s image too! Look for the teal badge to know which one!

IMG_8816 (2)

1-17-15 Stephanie Martell Boudoir-25551-17-15 Stephanie Martell Boudoir-2570-21-17-15 Stephanie Martell Boudoir-24671-17-15 Stephanie Martell Boudoir-24781-17-15 Stephanie Martell Boudoir-25701-17-15 Stephanie Martell Boudoir-25901-17-15 Stephanie Martell Boudoir-25981-17-15 Stephanie Martell Boudoir-26191-17-15 Stephanie Martell Boudoir-2630winning image aibp1-17-15 Stephanie Martell Boudoir-26331-17-15 Stephanie Martell Boudoir-26391-17-15 Stephanie Martell Boudoir-26491-17-15 Stephanie Martell Boudoir-26691-17-15 Stephanie Martell Boudoir-26871-17-15 Stephanie Martell Boudoir-26931-17-15 Stephanie Martell Boudoir-27041-17-15 Stephanie Martell Boudoir-27241-17-15 Stephanie Martell Boudoir-27561-17-15 Stephanie Martell Boudoir-27261-17-15 Stephanie Martell Boudoir-27731-17-15 Stephanie Martell Boudoir-27891-17-15 Stephanie Martell Boudoir-27961-17-15 Stephanie Martell Boudoir-28101-17-15 Stephanie Martell Boudoir-2814
Thank you to Cassandra McKenna for the beautiful hair and makeup!

The City That Never Sleeps

Where do I even begin? I mean, this is Agnes, THE Agnes, the Agnes that I talk about all the time. This session is where our epic friendship first began.  Agnes is another incredible Boudoir photographer, my boudie sister if you will.  We are both members of the esteemed Association of International Boudoir Photographers which is where we connected for the first time.  I had been planning a shoot in the city and wanted to test out some new lights so I asked Agnes if she wanted to come be my model for the night.

It is always terrifying as a photographer to photograph another photographer, especially one who’s work and skill you admire as much as I admire Agnes’s work.  When she showed up, I am pretty sure she could tell I was nervous out of my mind because she right away went into the mode of calming me down and ensuring me she would love whatever I did, and that the reason she was there is so I could work through testing out new skills anyway.

Well, I have to say, her energy did calm me right down, and taking away all of that pressure really allowed me to focus on learning and expanding my skills. But not only that, we totally clicked and vibed and I instantly saw a future bestie in her. I could look at her and instantly see behind her sweet goofy outside was this baddddddddass female on the inside that I simply could not ignore.  It was her inner badass that made me fall in love with her.

Her take no shit, but cause no problems attitude is one that is right in line with my own thinking.

 I cannot even put into words how much I love this girl!

We have such a bond over the city that never sleeps too.  Funny enough Agnes lives 2 blocks away from where I lived on the upper west side for all of those years and we never met!  We totally bonded over Thai Market and giant slices of pizza on Broadway, and of course our obsession with boudoir, so It absolutely made sense that her shoot featured the city too.  When you live in New York you are basically entering into a relationship with the city, be it a good one or a bad one, you cannot live there without being completely infected by its energy. It remains a part of you no matter how many years you live away from it, and now, she will always have this little reminder of the total FIC (Female In Control) she is when it comes to her relationship with New York.

8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3208 8-18-15AgnesFohnBoudoir-3260 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3218 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3229 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3274 8-18-15AgnesFohnBoudoir-3301 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3279 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3280 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3345 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3357 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3395-2 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3396 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3403 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3430-2 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3439 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3447 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3456 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3467 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3474

I love you all the gifs Agnes!

New York Boudoir

I am really excited to finally get around to blogging this session! Things over here have been amazingly busy with the holiday season. Now with Valentine’s Day sessions kicking into high gear it has been hard to find the time to blog as much as I want to. But I am excited to be back with this gorgeous session from Rebecca!

Rebecca was amazingly generous in letting our team film her session so we could show the world exactly what an Empowered Boudoir Experience with LRP is all about.

A little bit about this gorgeous, sophisticated woman before we get into the video and pictures….Rebecca is an energy practitioner. You don’t even need to hear her speak to immediately feel the positive light radiating from her the second she enters a room.  All of this positivity radiating from a woman who has been dealt anything but an easy hand in life the past 3 years. Rebecca’s youngest son, “Baby Joey,” is nothing short of a miracle child. To read more about Rebecca’s journey with Joey, I highly suggest checking out her BLOG  and the trailer for Into Loving Hands, the documentary Victoria Kereszi has been producing about Rebecca and Joey’s medical journey.

Let’s start this party with a recap of A Self Love Experience and then get into some of our favorite shots from this Goddess’s session!

8-24-15 Rebecca Malcom Williams Boudoir-8334 (PS)8-24-15 Rebecca Malcom Williams Boudoir-8417 (PS) 8-24-15 Rebecca Malcom Williams Boudoir-8475 - Copy8-24-15 Rebecca Malcom Williams Boudoir-8463 (PS)8-24-15 Rebecca Malcom Williams Boudoir-8583-4 8-24-15 Rebecca Malcom Williams Boudoir-8625-PS8-24-15 Rebecca Malcom Williams Boudoir-8640 (PS2)8-24-15 Rebecca Malcom Williams Boudoir-8633 (PS) 8-24-15 Rebecca Malcom Williams Boudoir-8710 (PS) 8-24-15 Rebecca Malcom Williams Boudoir-8720 (PS)

A very special thank you to Victoria Kereszi, Kenny Hopkins, Erin Marie Artistry, Pecks Arcade and Sarah Parker Ward for all of your contributions to the creation of our video!