Referral Program

We have taken note ladies and it is time to return the favor!

We have noticed that there are many #LRPBoudiebeauties, just like you, that preach far and wide about their awesome experiences with LRP Boudoir. These babes are always sending us tons of referrals and are the type of client that come back to celebrate themselves and their journies again and again. What we really wanted to do is find a way to give back to these incredible clients because, truth be told, we think they totally deserve it.


We are going to keep things super duper simple….for every client that you refer to us, that includes your name in the notes section of their contract, you will earn a $100 credit to be used towards your session and products  –  the more you refer, the more you earn!

Sounds easy enough?  Well, that is because it is!

Happy earning ladies and thank you for being  amazing, gorgeous, strong, brilliant and confident, YOU.

3-5-16 Liz Loftus and Kaci - Vegas Boudoir-8599whenthekidsareaway-lrp-3freefromtheherd-lrp-1lrd_7258-editlrd_7041-edit5-27-16 Leighann Hart Bridal Boudoir-4688LRD_3554-EditLRD_3767-EditLRD_2149-Edit7-31-16 Allison Shaw Sherman Boudoir-6945LRD_7785-Edit-Matte (sRGB)LRD_1219-Edit-contrastLRD_3505-Edit5-31-16RcahelGirouardBoudoir-5239LRD_0028-Edit4-15-16 Melissa Convertino Boudoir-63321_01481_01461_02101_02061_01951_0239
5.14.16 Ariela TPF - 19861_00734-15-16 Lexi NYC Boudoir-7393LRD_1114-Edit4-15-16 Maisie NYC Boudoir-6696LRD_0710-Edit1-8-15 Carolyn Walker Lake Placid Boudoir-16942-9-15 Jamie O'Brien Boudoir-471711-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3262
1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0758
8-18-15AgnesFohnBoudoir-3260 (2) 2-19-16 Erin Carney Boudoir-5919 2-12-16 Jamie O'Brien - Nostalgia Boudoir-5396 1-17-15 Stephanie Martell Boudoir-2669 9-28-15 Samantha Sullivan Boudoir-4632 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-1102 1-26-16 Destinii - AIBP Submission-3524 12-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-4572

11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3273
8-24-15 Rebecca Malcom Williams Boudoir-8625-PS

The City That Never Sleeps

Where do I even begin? I mean, this is Agnes, THE Agnes, the Agnes that I talk about all the time. This session is where our epic friendship first began.  Agnes is another incredible Boudoir photographer, my boudie sister if you will.  We are both members of the esteemed Association of International Boudoir Photographers which is where we connected for the first time.  I had been planning a shoot in the city and wanted to test out some new lights so I asked Agnes if she wanted to come be my model for the night.

It is always terrifying as a photographer to photograph another photographer, especially one who’s work and skill you admire as much as I admire Agnes’s work.  When she showed up, I am pretty sure she could tell I was nervous out of my mind because she right away went into the mode of calming me down and ensuring me she would love whatever I did, and that the reason she was there is so I could work through testing out new skills anyway.

Well, I have to say, her energy did calm me right down, and taking away all of that pressure really allowed me to focus on learning and expanding my skills. But not only that, we totally clicked and vibed and I instantly saw a future bestie in her. I could look at her and instantly see behind her sweet goofy outside was this baddddddddass female on the inside that I simply could not ignore.  It was her inner badass that made me fall in love with her.

Her take no shit, but cause no problems attitude is one that is right in line with my own thinking.

 I cannot even put into words how much I love this girl!

We have such a bond over the city that never sleeps too.  Funny enough Agnes lives 2 blocks away from where I lived on the upper west side for all of those years and we never met!  We totally bonded over Thai Market and giant slices of pizza on Broadway, and of course our obsession with boudoir, so It absolutely made sense that her shoot featured the city too.  When you live in New York you are basically entering into a relationship with the city, be it a good one or a bad one, you cannot live there without being completely infected by its energy. It remains a part of you no matter how many years you live away from it, and now, she will always have this little reminder of the total FIC (Female In Control) she is when it comes to her relationship with New York.

8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3208 8-18-15AgnesFohnBoudoir-3260 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3218 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3229 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3274 8-18-15AgnesFohnBoudoir-3301 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3279 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3280 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3345 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3357 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3395-2 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3396 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3403 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3430-2 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3439 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3447 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3456 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3467 8-18-15 Agnes Fohn Boudoir-3474

I love you all the gifs Agnes!

Blonde Boudoir

I have been waiting to share this session until the end of the year because I thought it was the perfect opportunity to acknowledge all of the people that have really stepped up and supported LRP this season.  First is Cassandra from CMD Makeup Artistry. Cassandra has stepped in as our incredible makeup artist while Erin, our main girl has been on maternity leave.  I am so glad to say that Cassandra has become part of the LRP family and will totally be sticking around! I love what she did with Kay’s makeup here! Dewy, sultry and sexxxxyyyyy! It was perfect for this blonde! Next is Vick and Heather who own Pecks Arcade and Lucas Confectionery where this shoot took place.  One of the main reasons that I love living in downtown Troy is because of what a supportive arts community it is. Vick and Heather have never batted an eye when I have asked to shoot in their space, in fact I could easily say that they have not only encouraged it, but are a huge part of cultivating the Troy artists community.  At anytime you walk into one of their restaurants or bars you will find artists tucked away in all corners working on their craft. Lastly is Luke Walker and Clark + Walker Studio. Luke and Alisha were the first people that encouraged me to pick up a camera and have been some of my biggest mentors.  Luke actually knew Kay because she is a stylist at Changes Salon, the salon he and his family frequent.  I asked Luke to come by at the end of Kay’s session, knowing they knew each other. If you see that beautiful creamy light at the end, that is compliments of Luke teaching me a new technique to get the light to wrap around my subject, a trick I have now been able to add to my bag and use often! I am really proud to not only run LRP Boudoir, but to also be an associate wedding photographer at Clark + Walker Studios…dare I say, the best wedding studio in the Capital Region.

Now for a little bit about this sultry #LRPBoudieBeauty.  I met Kay through Heather, a past  family (and boudoir, that is her on our contact page!) client, back when I was still photographing family sessions. Kay tagged along with her friend as support with her two boys for a mommy and me session and when we realized we had quite a few mutal friends, we decided to keep in touch! And boy am I glad that we did, because as soon as we got together to shoot, it was just magic. We grooved and vibed from the very first shot!

So for the final blog of 2015, please enjoy the seductive Miss Kay!

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Happy New Year!!!!