Pantsuit Nation: We’re Still Here

Remember that time I told you I tried to avoid bringing politics into my business?  Yeah about that…turns out that isn’t my new truth.  There is no way that I can consider myself a champion for women if I am too scared to put it all on the line and stand up for what I believe in.  So here I am putting it all out there, in the name of women and women’s rights. 

A little disclaimer before we begin: 

When I first heard the results of the election, I was shocked, saddened and brought to a place of anger.  I knew that I needed to do something to share my voice and utilize my network, and so I decided to do this project.  I put out the call for 3 days and had 15 women volunteer to be a part of it.  I want to say that we represent every woman, but we don’t.  There is so much diversity missing that I hope to do this project again soon, and bring a more diverse group of women to the table. 

Now, lets begin. 

I want to start off by explaining why I chose to ask the women to come in pantsuits and to be sexy while doing it.  First of all, we all know about the awesome “secret” FB group pantsuit nation right?  It is a group designed to not just champion for Hillary, but to stand up against the misogyny, xenophobia and racism that was spewing all about during the election process.  It has since turned into a support group for those who now fear for their rights and saftey. I love the idea of a woman in a pantsuit because not so long ago, women were not able to express themselves in the way they do now, not able to hold positions of power, to be regarded as equals.  Now we are, and you bet your ass we are not about to let all of the hard work that has been done in the name of women’s rights just vanish.  Now let’s talk a bit about why I made the decision to have these women dress sexy.  This is a position that is controversial and it is more important now than ever that we let the message be heard loud and clear. 

This is our body.  This is our body. This is OUR BODY!

If you think for one second that these women showed up for this session dressed to impress a man, you are fucking wrong.  No, what they showed up was to say, this is my body, this is my choice. The way that I dress has absolutely nothing to do with you. Be it I dress in a turtle neck and a long skirt or in a sheer dress, you do not have the right to touch my body.  You do not have the right to tell me how I govern my body.  No Mr. President-Elect Trump, you cannot just walk up to a woman and grab her by her pussy.  You like what you see? Fabulous, you still cannot fucking touch us without our consent! 

You like what you see? Fabulous, you still cannot fucking touch us without our consent! 

Now I live in New York, a state we don’t even look at in the media because it is already assumed that we bleed blue in this state. Yes a majority do, however, that doesn’t mean that everyone does.  I happen to have my home studio directly overlooking a Planned Parenthood, and with Healthcare for Women, come the men who think that they have a single say in that.  I sometimes cannot even walk down the street during the week without them turning up their church music and chanting at me, turning their fake babies in my direction, and all I happen to be doing is going home.

Now I know that this is a hot button debate, so I am not about to sit here and tell you that my beliefs in science overrule your religion. No the  date someone regards life beginning is very personal and intrinsic to how they were raised and their faith and I would never ever tell one side they are right and one side they are wrong.

What I will say is that IT IS NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS! Stay out of other women’s bodies. If you are a woman, stay out of other women’s bodies, if you are a man stay out of other women’s bodies.   Sounds simple enough right?

Now that that is settled let’s move onto the love we need to share and show to all of the other groups affected by this decision, minorities, people of color, LGBT, Muslims, Mexicans, the list goes on and on and on.

I am not about bridging the gap right now. I am about saying, hey I am really friggen scared. I am a Jewish woman who lives across from a Planned Parenthood and you just appointed one of the most anti-semetic, white-supremacists to be your a chief strategist in the highest halls of our federal government. You want to enact change?  look beyond the face of the party, President Pussy-Grabber, and lets look at who he is appointing.  What can we do to change this?

I believe we have to start small, start local and to put our money where our mouth is.

After you look through these powerful images of some bad-ass and strong women, I want you to turn your attention to the list at the bottom of the blog.  That is a short list of places that I believe are going to need our support more now than ever.

If you don’t have money to donate, have a bake sale and donate the profits, every little bit counts and senator Bernie Sanders showed us exactly how powerful small and individual donations can be.

We have the power to make a difference.

Now sit tall, put on your glasses, get a tall drink of water, and prepare to join me and these other incredible brave women in the resistance.

The resistance to misogyny, the resistance to hate, the resistance to racism, the resistance to xenophobia.



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Let me tell you something ladies, we have alot of thankless work ahead of us, but it is together that we will succeed.

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I am a firm believer that when it comes to government, the vote always happens, you have the opportunity every single day to vote with your actions and vote with your wallet.  I encourage you to set up monthly draws for some of the organizations below.  Pick the ones that sit right with your personally held beliefs and raise them up. Rally and donate to local politicians who you want to win in 2 years.  We do have power, don’t ever let anyone tell you that it is over because we may have lost the battle, but the war has just begun:

To support women’s health: Planned Parenthood ( ) or the Center for Reproductive Rights ( ).

If you don’t believe man-made global warming is a a silly issue, give to the Natural Resources Defense Council ( ).

Give to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund ( )

The Trevor Project for LGBT youth ( )

Another worthy cause is the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund ( )

Join me in the resistance.

We can make a difference, and in the words of my homeboy Bill Maher:

We’re Still Here!

It Is Not What They Call You, But What You Will Answer To

It Is Not What They Call You, But What You Will Answer To

One of the beautiful, too seldom heard, voices of the transgender community shares her experience behind the camera with LRP Boudoir. Take a look as Kym experiences her first Boudoir photoshoot, mere weeks after the final phases of her transition. Her power, her confidence, her voice and her positivity offer enlightenment and guidance both for the trans community and to any one who has ever been bullied or has felt less than perfect. We encourage you to watch until the end, because the stories Kym shares from growing up are more than thought provoking, they are life changing.


1-31-15 Kym Dorsey Boudoir-3543 1-31-15 Kym Dorsey Boudoir-3562 1-31-15 Kym Dorsey Boudoir-3567 1-31-15 Kym Dorsey Boudoir-3584 1-31-15 Kym Dorsey Boudoir-3612 1-31-15 Kym Dorsey Boudoir-3633 1-31-15 Kym Dorsey Boudoir-3657 1-31-15 Kym Dorsey Boudoir-3669 1-31-15 Kym Dorsey Boudoir-3671 1-31-15 Kym Dorsey Boudoir-3678 1-31-15 Kym Dorsey Boudoir-3682 1-31-15 Kym Dorsey Boudoir-3718 1-31-15 Kym Dorsey Boudoir-3731 1-31-15 Kym Dorsey Boudoir-3754 1-31-15 Kym Dorsey Boudoir-3774 1-31-15 Kym Dorsey Boudoir-3785 1-31-15 Kym Dorsey Boudoir-3791-2 1-31-15 Kym Dorsey Boudoir-3818 1-31-15 Kym Dorsey Boudoir-3840 1-31-15 Kym Dorsey Boudoir-3844 1-31-15 Kym Dorsey Boudoir-3870

Hair and Makeup by: Recinda Robinson
Venue: Che’Arch Venue
Accessories Styling: Kierra Jones
Cinematography / Video Editing: Maisie Snyder

Referral Program

We have taken note ladies and it is time to return the favor!

We have noticed that there are many #LRPBoudiebeauties, just like you, that preach far and wide about their awesome experiences with LRP Boudoir. These babes are always sending us tons of referrals and are the type of client that come back to celebrate themselves and their journies again and again. What we really wanted to do is find a way to give back to these incredible clients because, truth be told, we think they totally deserve it.


We are going to keep things super duper simple….for every client that you refer to us, that includes your name in the notes section of their contract, you will earn a $100 credit to be used towards your session and products  –  the more you refer, the more you earn!

Sounds easy enough?  Well, that is because it is!

Happy earning ladies and thank you for being  amazing, gorgeous, strong, brilliant and confident, YOU.

3-5-16 Liz Loftus and Kaci - Vegas Boudoir-8599whenthekidsareaway-lrp-3freefromtheherd-lrp-1lrd_7258-editlrd_7041-edit5-27-16 Leighann Hart Bridal Boudoir-4688LRD_3554-EditLRD_3767-EditLRD_2149-Edit7-31-16 Allison Shaw Sherman Boudoir-6945LRD_7785-Edit-Matte (sRGB)LRD_1219-Edit-contrastLRD_3505-Edit5-31-16RcahelGirouardBoudoir-5239LRD_0028-Edit4-15-16 Melissa Convertino Boudoir-63321_01481_01461_02101_02061_01951_0239
5.14.16 Ariela TPF - 19861_00734-15-16 Lexi NYC Boudoir-7393LRD_1114-Edit4-15-16 Maisie NYC Boudoir-6696LRD_0710-Edit1-8-15 Carolyn Walker Lake Placid Boudoir-16942-9-15 Jamie O'Brien Boudoir-471711-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3262
1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0758
8-18-15AgnesFohnBoudoir-3260 (2) 2-19-16 Erin Carney Boudoir-5919 2-12-16 Jamie O'Brien - Nostalgia Boudoir-5396 1-17-15 Stephanie Martell Boudoir-2669 9-28-15 Samantha Sullivan Boudoir-4632 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-1102 1-26-16 Destinii - AIBP Submission-3524 12-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-4572

11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3273
8-24-15 Rebecca Malcom Williams Boudoir-8625-PS

Our Heroes

Sometimes, you just have to let your clients share their own stories, because they feel from such a deep place. Today I want to share the story from one of my new heroes…

“My story began with a picture.

A friend of mine was leaving on a deployment and we had a going away party for him. A bunch of pictures were taken of our group that night. Something for him to take with him when he missed home. During training before he went overseas he met Chris. A soldier deploying with his unit (one that Chris had volunteered for). Chris looked at the pictures. He always said out of everyone in the photo he only saw me. He fell in love instantly and knew he had to talk to me. One night our mutual friends tricked me and I ended up on the phone with him. We began talking several hours every night on the phone and writing letters/emails to each other. On deployments (back then) letters, occasional emails (Internet was still dial up and spotty) and pictures are all you have. It’s how you spend time together. Get to know one another. After 3 months he flew me to Bulgaria to meet him in person. We spent 4 days together and knew we were done looking. We had the most incredible first kiss. I remember being in the hotel lobby in Bulgaria waiting with Diego (Chris’ friend) and seeing him for the first time. I remember what he was wearing (blue sweater with a blue plaid button up underneath, of course collar popped, jeans and brown boots). I can still see him walk towards me. I remember the pit in my stomach full of butterflies. I remember rubbing my hands together because I was so nervous. All we said to eachother was Hi. I know Diego was there talking to us but he seemed to disappear and we were all that was left. I can even remember how he smelled. I was worried our phone conversations would be just that. But in person it was like I had known him my whole life. For 9yrs we never ran out of things to talk about. Being best friends is what held us together through all the crazy and madness life threw at us. Having my best friend is what I miss the most. When his deployment was over he moved to NY (he’s my southern man) and in with me. We were married a year later, another 15month deployment, and had our daughter 9 months after he returned (fittingly named Sofia after Sofia, Bulgaria). We lost Chris suddenly (his death has been connected to his service) in 2013.

This session means so much to me in so many ways. He would of loved them all. Not just because of how amazing I look, because he thought I was beautiful at my worst, but for how I was able to see myself after. He would of been so proud and so happy that I could finally see what he saw when he looked at me. Pure Radiance. I chose special outfits for the session I dedicated to him. The sweater from our first date in Bulgaria, the first piece of lingerie I wore for him, one of his tshirts and of course his uniform. The details Lindsay incorporated were beyond perfect. The typewriter symbolizing how our relationship began, his dog tags with memorial flag and the close up of my heart tattoo (the heart is Chris’ handwriting taken from one of the letters he had written me). The photo of my rings is stunning and for a widow so meaningful. When you are married they become a part of who you are, to think about not wearing them everyday breaks your heart a little more. To have them so beautifully captured as a work of art for my home so I can see them everyday makes my heart smile and a little lighter.

This has been such a long and painful journey for me. I hide it all very well because I’ve had to get use to faking it. But reflecting on my experience has made me incredibly emotional. For 9 years I had someone who loved me unconditionally and told me every second how unbelievably beautiful I was and made a point to tell me how radiant I was when I felt my worst. I became so accustomed to having that. When I lost him and didn’t hear it daily anymore I truly began to struggle with my self esteem. I hadn’t realized how much of my confidence came from being with the man I loved. It was a beautiful thing to have. I miss it everyday. In the thick of my grief I wasn’t able to take care of myself. I sacrificed myself so that I could take care of my daughter and our home and I even struggled to do that on a daily basis. I lost everything. I lost our dreams and hopes for the future. My best friend. My biggest cheerleader. I lost myself and sense of worth. Which was incredibly difficult for someone as strong as myself. Confidence in myself is something I always had. To lose such a big part of who I was…it was a devastating secondary loss. I’ve worked hard to get myself healthy and in shape so I can be the best possible version of myself for my daughter and for me. Even though I know I am in shape and healthy I still struggle with my confidence. It’s a work in progress regaining that. I will say after my session, reveal and seeing myself in those images, I’m in awe of myself. In my strength. For the first time in a long time I feel beautiful and can see what Chris saw all those years.

…I’m in awe of myself. In my strength. For the first time in a long time I feel beautiful and can see what Chris saw all those years…

That is a gift Lindsay gave me that I can never repay. Doing this with her, for him and myself has been exactly what I needed. To honor him and our marriage. To be able to have these images as a time stamp of the past decade of my life and the journey I’ve been on. It’s a feeling I can’t describe. Thank you doesn’t even begin to convey what I truly feel. I am ridiculously gorgeous. Not just on the outside but inside and that is so perfectly captured in Lindsay’s photos. I love how it has all come full circle. Nobody understands more then I do how a picture can change your life. My life changed forever in 2004 because of one.

Our story began with a picture, it’s only fitting that our story ends with a picture.”

2-9-15 Jamie O'Brien Boudoir-3881 2-9-15 Jamie O'Brien Boudoir-3926 2-9-15 Jamie O'Brien Boudoir-3979 2-9-15 Jamie O'Brien Boudoir-3988 2-9-15 Jamie O'Brien Boudoir-4054 2-9-15 Jamie O'Brien Boudoir-4094 2-9-15 Jamie O'Brien Boudoir-4125 2-9-15 Jamie O'Brien Boudoir-4191 2-9-15 Jamie O'Brien Boudoir-4217 2-9-15 Jamie O'Brien Boudoir-4298 2-9-15 Jamie O'Brien Boudoir-4398 2-9-15 Jamie O'Brien Boudoir-4309 2-9-15 Jamie O'Brien Boudoir-4430 2-9-15 Jamie O'Brien Boudoir-4492 2-9-15 Jamie O'Brien Boudoir-4572 2-9-15 Jamie O'Brien Boudoir-4587 2-9-15 Jamie O'Brien Boudoir-4616 2-9-15 Jamie O'Brien Boudoir-4649 2-9-15 Jamie O'Brien Boudoir-4667 2-9-15 Jamie O'Brien Boudoir-4770 2-12-16 Jamie O'Brien - Nostalgia Boudoir-4829 2-12-16 Jamie O'Brien - Nostalgia Boudoir-4857 2-12-16 Jamie O'Brien - Nostalgia Boudoir-4840 2-12-16 Jamie O'Brien - Nostalgia Boudoir-4836 2-12-16 Jamie O'Brien - Nostalgia Boudoir-4862 2-12-16 Jamie O'Brien - Nostalgia Boudoir-4913 2-12-16 Jamie O'Brien - Nostalgia Boudoir-4937 2-12-16 Jamie O'Brien - Nostalgia Boudoir-4978 2-12-16 Jamie O'Brien - Nostalgia Boudoir-5012 2-12-16 Jamie O'Brien - Nostalgia Boudoir-5041 2-12-16 Jamie O'Brien - Nostalgia Boudoir-5118 2-12-16 Jamie O'Brien - Nostalgia Boudoir-5124 2-12-16 Jamie O'Brien - Nostalgia Boudoir-5167 2-12-16 Jamie O'Brien - Nostalgia Boudoir-5178 2-12-16 Jamie O'Brien - Nostalgia Boudoir-5198 2-12-16 Jamie O'Brien - Nostalgia Boudoir-5288 2-12-16 Jamie O'Brien - Nostalgia Boudoir-5292 2-12-16 Jamie O'Brien - Nostalgia Boudoir-5339 2-12-16 Jamie O'Brien - Nostalgia Boudoir-5362 2-12-16 Jamie O'Brien - Nostalgia Boudoir-5369

This #LRPBoudieBeauty has been the inspiration behind our new Our Heroes Program.

Another happy #LRPBoudiebeauty! 4 Metals, 2 Opulent Albums and a silk folio! #beautifulprints #youasart #boudoir #boudoirphotographer #boudoiralbums #wallart #estateart #troyboudoir #albanyboudoir #saratoaspringsboudoir #newyorkboudoir #beautifulwoman #beautifulthings #heirlooms #honoryourself #ourheros #instalove #instasexy #datassthough #inmemory

A photo posted by Lindsay Rae Photography (@lindsayraephotography) on

So often we forget about the unsung heroes of our military and armed forces. The females in combat, stationed at home, the nurses, the doctors, the engineers, the women who stay behind to be pillars of strength for those off to combat.  These unsung heroes are who have inspired our new “Our Heroes Program.” Our new Imperial Album is the same as our 30 page 9×12 Opulent Album, but the new cover is an ode to old war bomber jackets and a masculine and sophisticated way to gift your images to your mate or to celebrate your journey as an American Hero.

Any woman who is an active member of our military or married to an active member of our military will receive 10% off their Self Love Experience session fee as well as 10% of any Imperial Album purchases will be donated to T.A.P.S., a military organization whose mission is to help ease the grieving process of families and relatives of those who lost someone in our military.

For more information T.A.P.S. please visit

Edgy Boudoir

Things have been so crazy over here since before the holiday rush that I am just now getting around to blogging some of my favorite sessions from the end of 2015.  Samantha and I had connected through her friend Nora, who happened to connect with me through her sister who is a past client of mine.  Samantha had come along with Nora for her session, and although a slight skeptic at first, I think watching the process with Nora helped to convince her that she wanted a session of her own…and boy am I glad it did!

By talking the styling through with Sam, we knew we wanted to go for a slightly edgier look for her session, one that would really fit the vibe of the location we were shooting (Thank you again Peck’s Arcade, my fabulous neighbors!) and she nailed it with her wardrobe choices. Can we all just obsess over how amazing this bodysuit looks on her curves for a second? Like hooootttt damnnnnn lady!

One of the things I remember most about her session, the thing that has sort of stuck around with me, was her comfort with herself…immediately…she had no qualms running around with huge public windows in her underwear and bra and really embraced not only the process, but herself within the process. If you look at her fb, you will easily know this is far from the norm for this girl, who is rocking out the business professional look in so many of her pictures. Yet here she entered the moment fully committed and that inspired me.

How often do we let our insecurities stop us from embracing and living fully and honestly within the moment? I know there have been numerous times in my life, before I started my boudoir journey, where I would make one excuse or another not to show up to my friends pool parties because I didn’t want to have to wear a bathingsuit…in a pool…where bathingsuits are meant to be worn….because people would see me.  I can’t even count the nights I cancelled plans because I felt nothing looked good on me and I wasn’t good enough to go out with all of my super cute fashionista girlfriends.

How often do we let our insecurities stop us from embracing and living fully and honestly within the moment?

When I really sit to think about it, how many moments of joy, opportunities for fun, chances for honest human connection did I miss out because I was so worried about what other people would think of my body?  The reality is that I am not alone in this.

Today I vow just to be a little bit more like Samantha and say “fuck it” just a little bit more often… because truth be told what I lose by allowing my insecurities to guide my life is quite simply not worth it.

9-28-15 Samantha Sullivan Boudoir-4143 9-28-15 Samantha Sullivan Boudoir-4196 9-28-15 Samantha Sullivan Boudoir-4170 9-28-15 Samantha Sullivan Boudoir-4423 9-28-15 Samantha Sullivan Boudoir-4337 9-28-15 Samantha Sullivan Boudoir-4418 9-28-15 Samantha Sullivan Boudoir-4452 9-28-15 Samantha Sullivan Boudoir-4475 9-28-15 Samantha Sullivan Boudoir-4509 9-28-15 Samantha Sullivan Boudoir-4279 9-28-15 Samantha Sullivan Boudoir-4266 9-28-15 Samantha Sullivan Boudoir-4244 9-28-15 Samantha Sullivan Boudoir-4229 9-28-15 Samantha Sullivan Boudoir-4558 9-28-15 Samantha Sullivan Boudoir-4574 9-28-15 Samantha Sullivan Boudoir-4584 9-28-15 Samantha Sullivan Boudoir-4632

Hair and Makeup by Cassandra McKenna

Takin’ Ova Yo Blog


As a makeup artist, I’ve been on set for many of Lindsay’s boudoir shoots. I know exactly how things go down. Right before my eyes, I’ve seen so many women transform into the bold and confident women you see in Lindsay’s images right here on this blog. I KNOW that it happens. I’ve heard every woman that has shot with us say “is that ME?!” while they would catch a glimpse of their smokin’ hot selves in the mirror or on the back of Lindsay’s camera.  I know that Lindsay only produces quality, stunning, artistic images. I trust her. But still, while I  stood there in front of the mirror the morning of my white sheet session I thought to myself “What the HELL am I doing?!”. I was only 5 weeks postpartum. Not only did my entire body feel foreign to me in it’s new shape but so did my mind.

Who was I? I knew that I was no longer the girl I was prior to giving birth to my daughter and that terrified me. If I wasn’t her anymore, who did that make me now? Regardless, I glammed up my face for the first time since giving birth, curled my hair,  and took my weird body, lost soul, and sleep deprived mind to Lindsay’s to shoot my white sheet session.

I’ve been in front of the camera a few times before but this time it just felt different. With the first few clicks of the camera, I was tense. I could feel the insecurity radiating off of me. I felt so unaware of how my body looked. Lindsay continued to click away and guided me through getting my body into the most flattering poses and after every few clicks I’d hear a “yaaaaaas girl” or some other type of encouragement. But with each click, and every “yaass girl” something wonderful happened; I started to let it all go. All of the tension, uncertainty, self-doubt, insecurity, I let it go, click by click. And damn it felt good.

But with each click, and every “yaass girl” something wonderful happened; I started to let it all go. All of the tension, uncertainty, self-doubt, insecurity, I let it go, click by click. And damn it felt good.

As soon as Lindsay revealed to me what she had captured, I saw it. I found my answer. Raw and vulnerable. Elegant and confident. There I was. That’s who I am now. I am a woman, a mother. I am strong. Brave. Selfless. Curvey. And yep, I’m going to say it, BEAUTIFUL. I finally got it. THIS is why I’ve heard so many women say “is that me?!” while seeing their images for the first time. Not because they don’t actually recognize themselves, but because through these images Lindsay has revealed to them qualities within themselves that they have always possessed but never believed in. These photos are beyond boudoir, guys, this is about recognizing who you are is a unique piece of art. It’s about giving yourself permission to believe in your own beauty. It’s about freeze-framing the person you are right now, because wherever you are in life, you have been on a journey and you have a story to tell. It’s about having having sexy-ass wall art to plaster all over your bedroom for your significant other to drool over for the rest of their life. Just kidding about that last one. Kind of. No, never mind, no I wasn’t. That part is pretty awesome too.
The bottom line here is, if you are looking in the mirror and thinking to yourself “I’m not ready” because you’ve just had a baby, or because you’re not at your goal weight, or you feel insecure about this or that, then I am going to encourage you take a giant step out of your comfort zone and book your boudoir session with Lindsay right now. What you need is to not wait until your insecurities disappear because they never will. What you need is the opportunity to see yourself in a new light. More specifically, the sexy dim light that Lindsay shoots her sessions in. This an opportunity to rock what you’ve got, own your journey, tell your story, and love all that you are. Take it.

Xo. Erin

1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0699 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0705 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0783 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0711 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0715 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0719 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0758 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0791 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0795 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0810 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0829 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0848-2 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0797 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0849 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0855-2 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0868 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0873 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0880 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0885 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0887 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0928 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0933 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0960 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0979 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0986 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-09971-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-0988 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-1001 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-1015 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-1018 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-1025 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-1027 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-1074 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-1081-21-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-1076 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-1081-3 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-1091-2 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-1086 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-1088 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-1096 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-1098 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-1100-2 1-4-16 Erin Goyer White Sheet Boudoir-1102

Take Me to Che’Arch

99.9% of my photographs are of women who have never modeled or even had professional photos taken before, but there is the rare occasion that I will work with a real model when I am working through new concepts, lighting, etc.  This shoot was one of those cases.  And in my usual inspired fashion, it was pulled together super duper last minute!  (hey when inspiration strikes you need to run with it)

I called up my friend Erin Ford, and a model I had worked with on a #LOVEWINS inspired shoot for In The Loupe last summer, dug out my grandmothers old negligee, and within 2 days we were all over at Che’Arch putting together this beauty of a shoot.

I am really enjoying more moody photographs lately, perhaps it goes along with how I am feeling? Deeply connected to the more empathetic side of myself. I am finding myself, lately, really feeling the feelings of others. Boudoir is a super vulnerable experience.  I don’t care how many times you have been in front of the camera, stripping down will always be an emotional and vulnerable experience.  That vulnerability is what I look for when I am photographing a woman, that moment where she allows that part of herself, that no one see’s shine through.  Believe it or not, that is what makes working with models sometimes even harder than working with women who have never been photographed before.

Not with Destinii though.  She was not like most models, she came in with the same little flutter of nerves I see in my usual clients (something I expect, because hello, getting sexy is hard work!) When we started shooting, it only took 1 direction to break her out of that normal “model face” that most models give, before she was fully connected to me and the moment. It only took one direction before she allowed herself to be vulnerable. She threw out all of her model training and submitted to the directions I gave and felt the emotions I was looking for.  This ability is what is going to make Destinii be a successful model, her willingness to connect, be fully present in the moment, and her fearlessness of being vulnerable.

…her willingness to connect, be fully present in the moment, and her fearlessness of being vulnerable.

1-26-16 Destinii - AIBP Submission-3354 1-26-16 Destinii - AIBP Submission-3360 1-26-16 Destinii - AIBP Submission-3368 1-26-16 Destinii - AIBP Submission-3415 1-26-16 Destinii - AIBP Submission-3422 1-26-16 Destinii - AIBP Submission-3440 1-26-16 Destinii - AIBP Submission-3443 -2 1-26-16 Destinii - AIBP Submission-3444 -2 1-26-16 Destinii - AIBP Submission-3461-2 1-26-16 Destinii - AIBP Submission-3482 1-26-16 Destinii - AIBP Submission-35171-26-16 Destinii - AIBP Submission-3510 1-26-16 Destinii - AIBP Submission-3518 1-26-16 Destinii - AIBP Submission-3524

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability, and authenticity. If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives, vulnerability is the path.”

~ Brené Brown

Mama’s Still Got It

I have a toddler, she is 2.5 years old and she is literally the love of my life.  I have given her my entire world, my body, my heart and my soul and what I get in return when I see her smile or tell me she loves me is so amazing there is not even a word in the English Dictionary to describe the feeling.

That being said, being a mom is not easy.

No, being a mom, especially to younger kids is taxing and draining and it sometimes leaves you feeling like the only thing that matters is your child…that you have to, in a sense, cast yourself aside in order to be viewed as a good mom… For some reason in the mommy circles, women can be viscous when they see another woman looking her best and taking care of herself or loving herself.  There is this ridiculous stigma that says you are a bad mom if you have time to wash and dry your hair every day, or you don’t walk around in vomit drenched clothing from your baby or god forbid, you even go out without your kid and do something for yourself.  We get sucked into this mommy slump, where we fall right into these stereotypes and man oh man are they hard to crawl out of.  We try to be the best moms we can be while constantly facing judgement from other mothers and worst of all from ourselves.

So many of my clients come to me because they want to remember what it feels like to focus on themselves, to love themselves fully and to not feel an ounce of guilt for remembering that they still matter. They come to me because it is really hard sometimes to come to terms with what having a baby can do to your body and they want to know and feel in their skin that they are still the same sexy woman.

Well I am here to tell you that mama’s still got it!

Now, lets switch our focus for a second to Jennifer.  Jennifer came to me only months after having her 2nd child. She was very honest with me about how she was feeling about herself, about how she was stuck in that infamous “mommy slump” and how she was hoping and praying that her boudoir experience would lift her out of it.  (I am not going to lie, that is a big responsibility to have, and one I take very, very seriously.  Every time a client comes to me and pours their heart out, I take it in and I make it my lifes work to help them find that spark of sexuality and self acceptance again.)  When Jenn arrived she was super nervous, just as I expect all of my clients to be, but as soon as she sat down in that hair and makeup chair and could feel she was being given permission to simply enjoy her experience, she left it all at the door and fully committed to her session.

I think her images alone can speak to the transition we were able to witness during her shoot and to quote Jennifer “This experience has helped me find the love for myself that I have been missing. it has opened my eyes to see that I am beautiful in my own way. I would do this again and again for myself.”  Well, check out her first session, because after receiving her album she reached out to me and we have already starting planning quite an epic next session for her!

 12-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-4252 12-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-4262 12-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-4263 12-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-4264 12-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-4297 12-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-4298 12-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-4331 (no vingette) 12-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-4395 12-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-439912-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-4397 12-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-4401 12-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-4420 12-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-4427 12-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-4429 12-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-4431 12-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-4435 12-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-4437 (cropped) 12-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-4439 12-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-4446 12-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-447512-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-4500
12-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-4507
12-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-453112-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-457212-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-461412-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-452112-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-458312-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-4606
Thank you to Cassandra McKenna for pampering my beautiful client and providing her super sexy hair and makeup!

Valentine’s Day

We shot this session several months ago for Valentine’s Day and the time has finally come to share this beautiful woman’s session!  Tina came to me, as many have, through a past #LRPBoudieBeauty Kayla (thank you Kayla!!!) and I am so glad she did!

As someone who is notoriously in love with redheads, Tina was basically a dream to shoot! Elegant, but wild would be the perfect way to describe this bombshell. Her classic features are only rivaled by her big, free-flowing beautiful, curly, red tresses!

Narrowing down images for Tina was so hard, because like so many of our clients, there were so many she loved, so I am excited to be able to share her favorites along with my favorites today!

10-19-15 Tina Meister Boudoir-0065 10-19-15 Tina Meister Boudoir-0074 10-19-15 Tina Meister Boudoir-0083 10-19-15 Tina Meister Boudoir-0109 10-19-15 Tina Meister Boudoir-0112 10-19-15 Tina Meister Boudoir-0117 10-19-15 Tina Meister Boudoir-0120 10-19-15 Tina Meister Boudoir-0121 10-19-15 Tina Meister Boudoir-0142 10-19-15 Tina Meister Boudoir-0156 10-19-15 Tina Meister Boudoir-0164 10-19-15 Tina Meister Boudoir-0170 10-19-15 Tina Meister Boudoir-0178 10-19-15 Tina Meister Boudoir-0190 10-19-15 Tina Meister Boudoir-0241 10-19-15 Tina Meister Boudoir-0289 10-19-15 Tina Meister Boudoir-0295 10-19-15 Tina Meister Boudoir-0303 10-19-15 Tina Meister Boudoir-0325 10-19-15 Tina Meister Boudoir-0335 10-19-15 Tina Meister Boudoir-0342 10-19-15 Tina Meister Boudoir-0345 10-19-15 Tina Meister Boudoir-0380 10-19-15 Tina Meister Boudoir-0464 10-19-15 Tina Meister Boudoir-0535 10-19-15 Tina Meister Boudoir-0536-210-19-15 Tina Meister Boudoir-0536

What did you ask for this Valentine’s Day?

New Boudoir Products

I know I always say this, but I am wiiiccccked excited to share our new Boudoir products for 2016 with you! These new products will officially start being offered as of tomorrow for all current, future and even past clients!

I know from talking to our #LRPBoudieBeauties that something they are always in love with is a “classic sexy”….This goes for their images, makeup, wardrobe and especially for how they choose to home and display the breathtaking images of them from their sessions.

Taking this into consideration, we sought high and low and even had some custom products created just for our Boudie Beauties!

With a goal for a classic, sexy, and timeless feel, I present to you a sneak peak at

LRP Boudoir’s 2016 Retro Glam Collection.

Antique Golden Glamour Album Cover:

This new cover is the perfect throw back with its glamorous and supple vintage gold leather. This cover is available for both our Little Black Book Collection as well as for our Opulent Collection. A perfect shimmering and glittering gold in the softest of leathers makes for the perfect album cover for both you and your partner.  The gold is in antique shade which makes it just masculine enough to give to your beau while still keeping that glamorous feminine feel that my clients come to me for!

1-17-16 LRP Boudoir New Products-2371

Metal Estate Art:

These classic pieces are also an option in our Estate Collection and come in a standard 20×30 with larger and smaller options available. These Sublimination Metal prints are highly reflective and scratch resistant for a vibrant, modern yet classic, and durable piece of art to last for generations to come.

1-17-16 LRP Boudoir New Products-2430

Glass and Copper Starlet Heirloom Box:

As our newest option for our Heirloom Collection, we had these boxes custom designed just for you!  Using single pane glass and hammered copper, these 8×10 boxes are reminiscent of retro jewelery holders.  The Starlet Heirloom Boxes are the perfect way to both display and home your favorite images from your session. The crystal clear glass framed by a shining copper metal give a perfect way to display YOU as fine art and change the display of your images as often you desire.  Includes up to 15 of your favorite images which come with an editorial retouch on heirloom quality, textured, fine art paper that are matted in acid free brilliant white matts.

1-17-16 LRP Boudoir New Products-2411

Retro Viewfinders:

Taking that childhood memory and turning it into a sexy fantasy!  These viewfinders cater to our inner child  and give us total nostalgia all while featuring a sexy surprise when you look through! Imagine the surprise and glee your partner will feel going into work, or away on vacation and finding one of these sexy viewfinders tucked away in their lunch or suitcase? Even better yet, imagine one of these on display right next to a gorgeous piece of art featuring you, celebrate the woman you are with art and nostalgia.
These viewfinders are only available as an add-on to a collection, album or heirloom box.

1-17-16 LRP Boudoir New Products-2314

Find us on FACEBOOK and tell us what you think of our newest additions!