Phoenix Moment | Troy | Saratoga Springs | Albany | New York – Boudoir

It is my job to help the client unwrap that protection around themselves. It’s not my job to rip it away. It’s not my job to force you into doing something that makes you uncomfortable, but just gently give you a push outside of your comfort zone with a rope that you know I’m holding and here to pull you back if you need. 

Here’s what Miss S has to say about her Self Love Experience:

“16 and pregnant. My whole world stopped on a dime. Everything I thought my world would be like went out the window. You were/are my whole world there was no more me me me it was all about you.

I dropped out of high school to work full time to support you. Shortly after I married your dad who I was head over heels in love with…only to find out he cheated on us shortly after. My world was crushed. I was heartbroken. Left feeling inadequate and un- pretty, once you lower that bar it is pretty hard to pick it back up.

Soon I sought refuge in two abusive relationships. I felt lower then I had ever felt before in my entire life. I felt worthless, ugly, defective and I couldn’t help but think what was wrong with me?

The end…

I broke free from my last abusive relationship and never looked back. I found worth in myself again and my self esteem began to grow. I still placed myself on a back burner. Here I was now a mother of 2 working my ass off. Independent for years no need for a man. I showed my kids what a strong independent women looked like.

Finally I met the man of my dreams, we are married now and I am the mother of 4 amazing children. Yes, they are still my whole world and will always come before me. But, in this moment I treated myself (and my husband for a wedding present).

I am in shock and awe of Lindsays photos. She is the most talented photographer! She makes the most beautiful art! Her message of empowering women is captivating. Natalie with her flawless makeup skills. The whole team is phenomenal. This was absolutely outside my comfort zone, yet it didn’t feel like that at all. Lindsay and Natalie effortlessly make you feel comfortable in your own skin, even in your most vulnerable moments. 

This was my Phoenix moment. You are enough mama!

Strong and beautiful. I am unforgivingly me. ”  -Ms S