Imperial Album: Our Heroes Program

So often we forget about the unsung heroes of our military and armed forces. The females in combat, stationed at home, the nurses, the doctors, the engineers, the women who stay behind to be pillars of strength for those off to combat.  These unsung heroes are who have inspired our new “Our Heroes Program”. Our new Imperial Album is the same as our 15 spread (30 page) 9×12 Opulent Album, but the new cover is an ode to old war bomber jackets and a masculine and sophisticated way to gift your images to your mate or to celebrate your journey as an American Hero.

Any woman who is an active member of our military or married to an active member of our military will receive 10% off their Self Love Experience session fee as well as 10% of any Imperial Album purchases will be donated to T.A.P.S. a military organization who’s mission is to help ease the grieving process of families and relatives of those who lost someone in our military.

Available Covers: