Inspired by the Moment

Hi Beauties!!!

I hope that everyone had an amazing holiday weekend and that those back at work have a week that zooms by until the next 3 day weekend!

Things have been so busy around here this year that sometimes my personal work really takes a back burner when it comes to the blog!  Well I decided since I am taking this week off (lol “off” as I sit down to blog and edit haha) that I would finally share one of my very favorite sessions of this year.

I think one of the reasons it was my favorite was the total lack of control we had.

Without having my glam goddess by my side for this creative session, it was up to me to do this babes makeup and I decided to keep it all natural with just some extra glow factor.

When Mala and I finally arrived, to our location at the preserve, the rain immediately started to pour down on us…rather than let it shake me, I turned to her and asked her if she was still down to shoot…dumped the makeup out of the extra large ziplock I had, ripped a small hole for the lens to see through, and popped the bag right over my camera…and off we went.

I will say this was definitely up there with one of the scariest and most difficult shoots I have done! (The shoot with Beth where we were definitely setting ourselves up to be the beginning of a horror film at a strangers farm will forever be the scariest shoot I have done)  The rocks down to the water were so slick that we were slipping all over the place and the only way to get some of the shots I needed was to stand knee deep in dark water that I had no idea what was under it (can you say snake-a-phobic?  I am sure there is a scientific word for it, but I like to call it scared fucking shitless of snakes aka snake-a-phobic.)

I often think the lack of control by being out of the studio and not in 100% control of my environment is what I love so much about these on-location sessions.  As much as we can plan in advance, it is always up to the location to provide for us in that moment. That lack of control is what inspires the most pure form of creativity in the moment for me.  The spontaneity of getting out of my own head and using only my eyes and my gut to create from what is available to me in that moment of time.  No amount of planning can really prepare you for that, and that is what makes me love it so much!

Did you know that return clients have the option of booking on-location sessions?

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