Heather and Her Boys

Heather came to me through some mutual friends in a mom’s group – and let me just tell you, this is one fantastic mom!

You can just tell by the look in her eyes, that the entire world revolves around her boys, so it wasn’t hard for me to capture what was clearly there to begin with.


Jax was a toddler on the go!


I loved watching Jame explore the world around him while mom stood back, enjoyed her baby cuddles and watched Jax play…


It was such a beautiful day in Troy!


Jax decided he wanted some cuddles too!


We decided to explore a bit more and ended up in a great spot.


As a mom myself, it is these little moments that I find the most beautiful…the ability of a mom to provide comfort and security to her baby with something as simple as a kiss.


Can I just reiterate what a fantastic mama this is?!


A special Thank You to Kay Neenan from Changes Salon for making my beautiful client, even more beautiful!