Phoenix Moment | Troy | Saratoga Springs | Albany | New York – Boudoir

It is my job to help the client unwrap that protection around themselves. It’s not my job to rip it away. It’s not my job to force you into doing something that makes you uncomfortable, but just gently give you a push outside of your comfort zone with a rope that you know I’m holding and here to pull you back if you need.  Here’s what Miss S has to say about her Self Love Experience: “16 and pregnant. My whole world stopped on a dime. Everything I thought my world would be like went out the window. You

But am I beautiful? | Troy | Saratoga Springs | Albany | New York – Boudoir

I’m telling you, “It’s okay. You don’t have to love yourself today.” But today, you need to take a step towards what you’re going to do to like yourself tomorrow maybe just a little bit more. Here’s what Miss J has to say about her Self Love Experience: “I have a Hebrew tattoo on my thigh from my early 20’s- it says “beauty” and to me it was an attempt to remind myself, permanently, that I am beautiful. But I wasn’t swayed.  A few years later, I got another tattoo, a swan on my ankle. Another attempt at trying


Acceptance Comes From Within | Troy | Saratoga Springs | Albany | New York – Boudoir

Over the past 6 years, more than 600 women have stripped down in front of my camera to rediscover their beauty. In crafting nearly 400,000 frames of these beautiful humans of all shapes, sizes, and colors, I’ve discovered firsthand just how deeply damaging our culture’s obsession with beauty propaganda is and how true it is across the board and across all ways of life. Sure, we can all head down to a doctor’s office and change what we don’t like seeing, but will that heal the way your brain interprets what it’s seeing? Here’s what Ms. N had to

Healing | Troy | Saratoga Springs | Albany | New York – Boudoir

This work has not just been about healing my clients, but each person I meet is also healing me and my trauma and is part of this journey that I’m on to heal from the awful things that I went through when I was younger. Everybody comes in with different stories. Not everybody’s got a sob story, but every single woman has a story that impacts you. They just change a microcosm of who you are as a person each time. Here’s what Ms. J had to say about her Self Love Experience.  “This was hands down THE most amazing

Stars Align | Troy | Saratoga Springs | Albany | New York – Boudoir

It’s not the, Oh, I took sexy pictures. It’s the, I made the decision to do something that scares me. I made the decision to trust someone new and I made the decision to step outside of my comfort zone and confront my body in a way that I never have before. So I think that’s really what makes it as empowering as it is. It’s not just sexy pictures. It’s an entire experience that really comes together to help our clients take that next step into themselves. A step into who they want to be and who they see

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  Lindsay helps women overcome negative body image and low self esteem through Self Love Experience photography sessions. Stemming from a very difficult upbringing with a family on welfare to building a multiple six figure business selling her empowering art in NY. Her focus is self love, self confrontation, overcoming negative body image, “body insecurity” and seeing yourself as more than scars of your past. Speakerslam: It All Hinges On One Word A Self Love Experience LRP Boudoir Grand Opening It is Lindsay’s life’s purpose to share the message of radical self-acceptance with as many humans as she can.

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I am so stoked to be able to offer you wonderful ladies an opportunity to sign up for an Early Access Pass to our Annual Black Friday Sale! In 2022 we will now be offering fantasy sessions, on-location sessions, couples sessions, and mommy and me sessions to our returning clients! At the very end of this blog there will be a sign up for an early access pass to the sale! The early access pass will be emailed at 11pm on November 25th and those that sign up will get first dibs on the dates they want! Keep in mind

A Survivor Story – Saratoga Springs | Troy | Albany | New York – Boudoir

Today I hand the mic fully over to this client. Read below to hear her story! “Have you ever felt so beaten down, so useless so depressed, so unworthy, so defeated that it seems like there is no end in sight? Because this girl has. My story goes back to when I was young starting in middle school. I was not a popular girl in any sense of the word. I didn’t really have any friends, in fact I was teased almost every day. I used to get called a monkey, people would say “oh does the monkey want

A World In Need of Saving From Ourselves – Saratoga Springs | Albany | Troy | New York – Boudoir

Message from a white girl: Where do I even begin? Maybe I will reintroduce myself first….  My name is Lindsay Rae, I am a 33 year old mom and the LR behind LRP. The world is falling apart around us, but is that “world” really just the shattering of the cloak we have all been blindly and unknowingly hiding under our entire lives? The one that keeps us from seeing the pain and sacrifice of others who don’t look like us? The one hidden from us in school that kept us blind to the real disturbingly painful and racist

An Entire Trip For a Photoshoot? – Saratoga Springs | Troy | Albany | New York – Boudoir

We never cease to be honored at the lengths babes will travel to have their own Self Love Experience.  Our furthest babe traveled to us from Australia a few years ago! It is true though, we do have women from all over the United States and abroad travel to us for their Experience! We are lucky to have our studio based in such an adorable and walk-able town, and that several of our past clients have GORGEOUS airbnb’s in walking distance of our studio who offer our traveling clients special rates on their stays!! Troy, NY is a little artistic hub in