If My Body Fails, Does that Mean I Didn’t Fight – Saratoga Springs | Albany | Troy | New York – Boudoir

This is a post where what I have to say is irrelevant. Read below for our clients perspective. —– “An overwhelming feeling of awe and pride radiated from me as I stepped into into Lindsay’s Self Love Experience, not for myself and what I was about to do, but for her hard work, constant growth, incredible talent, and success. I was one of Lindsay’s first subjects at the start of her venture. Against a wall of tall windows in her apartment, she worked all of my angles with her single 50mm lens. Out of my comfort zone, Lindsay made

Moving Past Trauma – Saratoga Springs | Albany | Troy | New York – Boudoir

I have been holding onto this blog for a while now…unable to bring myself to write for it because I connected sooooo deeply to her trauma and how it mirrored my own childhood trauma. If you follow me on Instagram Stories (IG: @lindsayraephotography) you have seen alot of me posting about mental health acceptance and self preservation lately. That is because at 33 years old, on my birthday actually, I had a nightmare while visiting home back in Florida and finally asked my mom about this lifetime-fucked-up reoccurring nightmare I have had…. and she had me connect to an

A Line of Tshirts for Humans

“I feel like we should stop calling feminists ‘feminists‘ and just start calling people who aren’t feminist ‘sexist’ – and then everyone else is just human.” – Maisie Williams (aka Arya Stark from Game of Thrones) This line of shirts has been a dream for me.  I always wanted to have my own clothing line and now I can officially say that I do! Most of these shirts are based on tattoo’s on my body, a way to create a brand that was me without having people walking around with my name stamped all over them.  A few months ago I posted looking

Photographed “That way” – Troy | Saratoga Springs |Albany | New York – Boudoir

Who else is as excited as me for February 7th??  All of this babes wardrobe was from our Lingerie Shop and we have since added over 500 new pieces PLUS our new girl power t-shirt line. If you haven’t seen it yet CLICK HERE for a link to the event! Ok,  so now we need to get into the nitty gritty of this session. I think so many of us look into the lives of others as we see them through social media and just through being neighbors, fellow moms in the pick-up line, etc. but the truth is

Rise from the Ashes – Troy | New York | Albany | Saratoga Springs – Boudoir

Hello my wonderful #LRPBoudieBeauties!  It is a new year and with that I am getting back to blogging regularly.   If you have been following me on social media, then I am sure you have seen alot of MAJOR changes taking place at LRP!  Before we get into all of that I want to just let the vulnerability rain through my fingers while I type and share my story…or the parts of it I am confident enough to share publicly at this point. 2019 was an incredibly hard year for me.  I went through a divorce, and while I played

Euphoria Inspired Fantasy Session – Saratoga Springs | Troy | Albany | New York – Boudoir

Has everyone seen the new HBO Show “Euphoria”?  If not it is a must for our generation.  The show covers topics of love, sexuality and addiction in our youth but it is done in such a magnetic and inspiring way that a creatives eye is inspired by the light in almost every scene. I really cannot think of a work of cinematic art aside from perhaps Moulin Rouge that has inspired my eye as much as Euphoria has!  Marvelous Maisel on Amazon is a close tie with Euphoria  for 2nd with its amazing retro costuming and beautiful art deco

Black Friday Sale 2019 — Sign Up for Early Access Pass

I am so stoked to be able to offer you wonderful ladies an opportunity to sign up for an Early Access Pass to our Annual Black Friday Sale! In 2020 we will now be offering fantasy sessions, on-location sessions, couples sessions, and mommy and me sessions to our returning clients! At the very end of this blog there will be a sign up for an early access pass to the sale! The early access pass will be emailed at 11pm on November 27th and those that sign up will get first dibs on the dates they want! Keep in mind

The Downside to Fitness Life – Saratoga Springs | Albany | Troy | New York – Boudoir

We have so many clients who workout and live a true fitness lifestyle.  I find it super admirable becasue the commitment it takes to that lifestyle is something to be really proud of….but too often, we have clients come in who have expressed to us how the lifestyle and competitions affected them due to the pressures.  I encourage you to read what this amazing client wrote below and remember to be kind to yourselves (as well as proud of yourselves) as you work on yourselves! —– “That fierce woman deep within me, whom I’ve only seen glimpses of, is

Destigmatizing Anxiety – Saratoga Springs | Albany | Troy | New York – Boudoir

I have been wanting to write about this topic for a long time and have not had the “balls” to deep dive into it until now. Anxiety. So many of us suffer from it and think that we are alone in it and that there is something wrong with us.  We fear being judged when it comes to asking for help.  I spent 31 years of my life anxious, worried, constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop and for something to go wrong.  I never fully trusted anyone and was always worried that what I built for myself would

The Only Daughter – Albany | Saratoga Springs | Troy | New York – Boudoir

Hello #LRPBoudieBeauties!  I have been awful about staying on top of blogs this year as we have been busier than ever and have been growing and expanding.  This is one that I have been sitting on for quite some time and simply could not wait longer to share.  This beautiful woman inspires me beyond words. Read what she had to say about her own Self Love Experience below: —– ” I grew up the only girl of 4. My childhood consisted of hunting, fishing and playing on the soccer field. I wore my older brother’s hand me downs &