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The Downside to Fitness Life – Saratoga Springs | Albany | Troy | New York – Boudoir

We have so many clients who workout and live a true fitness lifestyle.  I find it super admirable becasue the commitment it takes to that lifestyle is something to be really proud of….but too often, we have clients come in who have expressed to us how the lifestyle and competitions affected them due to the pressures.  I encourage you to read what this amazing client wrote below and remember to be kind to yourselves (as well as proud of yourselves) as you work on yourselves! —– “That fierce woman deep within me, whom I’ve only seen glimpses of, is

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Destigmatizing Anxiety – Saratoga Springs | Albany | Troy | New York – Boudoir

I have been wanting to write about this topic for a long time and have not had the “balls” to deep dive into it until now. Anxiety. So many of us suffer from it and think that we are alone in it and that there is something wrong with us.  We fear being judged when it comes to asking for help.  I spent 31 years of my life anxious, worried, constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop and for something to go wrong.  I never fully trusted anyone and was always worried that what I built for myself would

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The Only Daughter – Albany | Saratoga Springs | Troy | New York – Boudoir

Hello #LRPBoudieBeauties!  I have been awful about staying on top of blogs this year as we have been busier than ever and have been growing and expanding.  This is one that I have been sitting on for quite some time and simply could not wait longer to share.  This beautiful woman inspires me beyond words. Read what she had to say about her own Self Love Experience below: —– ” I grew up the only girl of 4. My childhood consisted of hunting, fishing and playing on the soccer field. I wore my older brother’s hand me downs &

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I Am More Than My Illness – Saratoga Springs | Albany | Troy | New York – Boudoir

This is one of those blogs where I don’t need to share, you just need to read what our #LRPBoudieBeauty has written below: —- “I’ve never written a blog before, and to be honest, I have been struggling to put this all into words. It took me a full year to gather up enough guts to book my Self Love Experience. I would always get too scared and come up with a dozen different excuses to put it off. I don’t even remember who added me to the LRP facebook group, but I decided to stick around because I

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Another Sleepless Night – Saratoga Springs | Albany | Troy | New York – Boudoir

Hi ladies!  So it has clearly been a while since I have blogged and there is good reason for that. I have been sharing alot on our IG and in our private group about what is going on with me and now it is time to share on the blog and finally get back to myself a bit. The past few months I have been deep into training Randi to become a photography clone of me, and through that process Randi has photographed me quite a bit.  I really have finally been able to have my own Self Love

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I Am Not Perfect

2018 has been one of the most wonderfully insane years of my life.  I can barely capture in words the transformation that has taken place for me this year both on a personal and professional level. This year has taught me that being a “flawed” individual is part of what makes me so special as a person.  Knowing my own weaknesses as a professional, parent and person in general has been the biggest power play I could have imagined.  There is strength in learning to understand my dynamic personality. I am not all “Boss babe” sometimes I am weak

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Lingerie as Fashion – Bondage Inspired

With the rising fame of 50 Shades, those of us outside of the kink community have been wanting to dip our vanilla toes into learning more about the world of bondage. One of the amazing things I have learned just from being friends with this amazing author, aside from how terrible 50 Shades is becasue it lacks consent completely, is that restraint really is the ultimate release…

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I’ve Spent a Significant Part of My Adult Life Being Cruel

It has been a while since I have sat down to blog and I have a long list of blogs waiting to go up! It is the holiday season and with that we are working on our new collection for The Shops at The Loft.  Randi and I have amped up the fashion and editorial vibe of our new season to create a line we want to call our “Unbound Collection” We feel like alot of what this entire Self Love Experience is about, is the un-doing of negative thought patterns.  So much of what makes this experience as special as


Black Friday Sale — Sign Up for Early Access Pass

I am so stoked to be able to offer you wonderful ladies an opportunity to sign up for an Early Access Pass to our Annual Sale! At the very end of this blog there will be a sign up for an early access pass to the sale! The early access pass will be emailed at 11pm on November 21st and those that sign up will get first dibs on the dates they want! Keep in mind that dates are limited and we sold out in under 2 hours of being live last year!   What an amazing year it has

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Family Can Be Blunt – Saratoga Springs | Albany | Troy | New York – Boudoir

Hi All!  Randi here and I am excited for my first blog takeover! I have been a part of LRP for a little over a year now, and have never been more inspired or felt more unity than I do sharing in the amazing stories that make up this incredible group of women. What I have grown to realize is that we all share similar experiences, feelings, insecurities and achievements, no matter what path we may walk. I met this particular woman about two years ago when i was lucky enough to help her prepare for her maternity shoot.