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Let Them Hate – Saratoga Springs | Albany | Troy | New York – Boudoir

I cannot even begin to tell you how often I hear stories from women who come into our studios that they are worried about haters.  Seriously.  Grown women, who still think it makes their lives more productive to hate on other grown women. It’s a thing….and I cannot stand it. What I struggle to understand is why as women we cannot tribe up and realize how much stronger we all are when we can support each other rather than tear each other down.  It gets even worse when a woman starts to embrace her own body and sexuality. Confidence is

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I Did This For Me – Saratoga Springs | Albany | Troy | New York – Boudoir

Today’s Blog is a must read! And because of that I am doing a giveaway to our MOVIE EVENT this Sunday morning in Saratoga Springs! Come join our content manager, Kristen, personal stylist Randi, makeup queen Erin and myself to a private showing of the new film I Feel Pretty staring Amy Schumer and stay after for our panel on body image! 10 lucky ladies will win 2 tickets to this event! All you need to do is comment on this blog when you see it on FB or IG and share it with your friends and tonight at

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Waiting Out The Winter – Saratoga Springs | Albany | Troy | New York – Boudoir

Is anyone else suffering from a case of Seasonal Association Disorder?  Because damn is this freezing weather making me sad.  I usually can hack it until the first week of April with winter, but having a basically frozen car on April 17th is just not ok.  Not to mention the fact that, despite being pale skinned, I love the sun!  I miss the sun! I miss nature shoots, and sunshine and green grass and lakes…and basically everything this winter has stolen from us. As I can’t beat the cold, I decided I had no other option but to try

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Life with Anxiety – Saratoga Springs | Troy | Albany | New York – Boudoir

When I received the words from this beautiful woman I don’t know if she had any clue the impact that they would have on me and the level to which I would be able to relate.  More and more in my adult life I am finding that having anxiety about abandonment and being left behind is a very very common thing.   For so many years I felt alone in my story.  All of my friends with their perfect little families, and I was the child of  a terrible and pretty violent divorce.  I always felt that I was alone. 

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I Belong to Myself – Saratoga Springs | Troy | Albany | New York – Boudoir

I have entered inthe the phase of my life where I am taking my self care alot more seriously.  I used to be the girl that only washed her face when she showered, and never really used moisturizers or anything that really adds up to a good self care routine.  At the ripe age of 31 I have finally decided that along with my massive workload and the mental growth it has brought me, that it is time to start paying a bit more attention to my vessel as well.  The past month has been dedicated to creating routines

Mother's Day Semi Annual Sale

Sign Up for Early Access Pass for Semi- Annual Sale for Mother’s Day

I am so stoked to be able to offer you wonderful ladies an opportunity to sign up for an Early Access Pass to our Semi-Annual Sale for Mother’s Day! At the very end of this blog there will be a sign up for an early access pass to the sale! The early access pass will be emailed at 3pm on May 10th and those that sign up will get first dibs on the dates they want 3 days before the sale officially goes live on Mother’s Day! Keep in mind that dates are limited and we sold out in under 3 hours of

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Mixed Feelings and Overcoming Self Doubt – Saratoga Springs | Albany | Troy | New York- Boudoir

If you are in our facebook group then you have very likely seen how often women doubt themselves and their ability to do a session.  I always try to remind them that this feeling is normal, and expected. To be honest, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have some doubt in themselves.  I think part of growing up and evolving as a woman has alot to do with the slow progress in which we understand ourselves more and more and doubt less and less our capabilities. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t have some doubts

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Scars – Saratoga Springs | Albany | Troy | New York, Boudoir

I suffer from really bad anxiety. There are days where I am standing still and minding my own business when out of no where my mind becomes riddled with situations that are out of my control and I freak the fuck out. My heart races, I get dizzy and even more scared. Why am I telling you this? Because my anxiety has left me with many visible scars…many. One of the ways my anxiety presents itself is through picking at my skin.  It is not something I can control or even notice that I am doing until someone points

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Let’s Not Forget About Us – Troy | Saratoga Springs | Albany | Boudoir – New York

I am gonna leave the talking to today’s #LRPBoudieBeauty.  Read what she has to say below <3 —- “Let me first say how absolutely thankful I am to Lindsay and Erin for helping me feel beautiful again. It’s been years since I’ve felt so good about myself. I think after awhile women lose how truly special, amazing, and beautiful they are. From how women are viewed in everyday life to media showing an unrealistic standard, friends, work or men (of course most of these examples are unintentional). We are constantly comparing ourselves to something or someone, we’re never quite

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New York City Smoke Show – Troy | Saratoga Springs | Albany Boudoir

I will never forget what this #LRPBoudieBeauty said to me when she first reached out to me about scheduling her New York City Experience and what she wanted to achieve from her session.  She said “I really want to be an impudent girl, smoking a cigarette outside” and I said hell yeah! I think the world needs more women who are not afraid to say fuck societal standards, I am going to do what I want!  That is exactly the type of energy this babe brought to her session. This Russian Princess wanted to make her vodka and cigarettes