River Street Beat Shop – A Boudoir Editorial

I have been sharing little sneaks of this session over the past few months, but now that both publications featuring this set have come out, Missy Ink Magazine and Period Magazine (You can see a video of our spread in Period Mag at the end of the blog,) I can finally share! I also have a 24×36 Boltless Acrylic hanging in my home office and a 24×36 Floating Frame Acrylic hanging in the studio from this set which you will get to see when you come for your session and reveal! To quote one of my life idols: “The


Guilded – A Fine Art Nude Editorial

I will admit, Fine Art Nude sessions are always my favorite.  There are few things more beautiful in the world than the human form, and being able to capture it as art is what I live for. I am incredibly proud of this set, not only for the images, not only for the journey I watched our #LRPBoudieBeauty take from the start to the end of her session, but because this set has been published in Voltron Magazine. I will let this babe take it from here because her words are powerful and her point is radiating truth.  — “It


I Found My Light

This woman has no idea just how deeply she “gets” me.  From the amazeballs thank you gift she brought to her reveal (ummm hello gorgeous sound waves image of my fave song of my fave musical ever (pic on bottom) Seasons of Love) to the way she could understand the passion I have for light…both in a physical and dare I say spiritual way. she got me. And I think she got Erin too…I don’t think we have ever laughed that hard or made that many inappropriate jokes with someone during hair and makeup before. #Iloveagooddirtyjoke Sometimes you only need


Becoming Hers – A Couples Boudoir

I am beyond excited to announce a new offering between LRP and Erin Marie Artistry! For the longest time we said no to couples boudoir, I was afraid that it would cross the line into looking like porn…but then I discovered the lingerie brand Anya Lust and inspiration came surging through me like crazy. For us couples boudoir is about mixing intimacy with fashion.  It is not just about the bedroom, but about the story that can be told.  It is about passion, lust, seduction, and exchanges of power. It is about tantalizing temptations and the compassionate touches. These “Becoming Hers”


You Are Not Alone

It is no small shock if we spend even a little time together, that you will right away know that I have spent much of my life battling severe anxiety and depression. This is much of what has driven me into the work that I do, making women learn to love themselves. I would be lying to you if I looked you in your eye and said that I do not still battle this daily. Depression and Anxiety…labels…you hear them, you think there is something wrong with you….because for some reason mental health is so deeply stigmatized and demoralized.


No Regrets

I am excited to share another favorite throw back session with you! It is always a joy to open our emails to see amazing and vulnerable write ups from our clients!  It is also such a joy to look back at our older home studio sessions! A bit of nostalgia can go super far on a #ThrowbackThursday morning! Be sure to scroll all of the way to the bottom to see the gorgeous art that this #LRPBoudieBeauty took home with her! —- “I’m not sure where to begin. I’ve taken way too long to write this. I actually gave


Mother of Two

It is always a treat when one of our babes who wasn’t sure if they wanted to share, comes back to us later on and not only gives us permission to share their art, but also writes such a beautiful, vulnerable piece to go along with it! So excited to throw it back to this absolutely gorgeous mother of two! —- “When I was asked to write a blog I thought for a moment, why would anyone want to know what I have to say, what makes me so special? And that’s when it occurred to me, that I think the


It Is Ok to Work Hard On Your Body

In this line of work I have quickly learned that body love comes in many shapes and forms…but what I will say, as a plus size woman who strives to make a mark in this world as a champion for other plus size women to love their bodies, is that body shaming can also go in many directions. So often I see women who work hard on their figures and go to the gym come in to our studio almost afraid to embrace all of their hard work.  To them, their body is their art, they work hard on


Intimate Lifestyle Portraiture

There is something to be said for the unstaged moments, the moments where most people are typically not watching. This is the goal of our Intimate Lifestyle Portraiture sessions that we offer to our return clients. Now of course I will still pose and shoot like a normal session, but the difference is that we are creating a different set and a story now…a story about you and who you are.  Be it in your home among your things, in your barn along with your animals, or in the favorite hotel room you stay in every time you go to


Return Client: Rustic Fine Art On-Location Boudoir

There are few things that make me happier that when we have clients return for us for a 2nd or 3rd photoshoot! Did you know that we offer 3 different types of shoots, with 2 of only being available to our returning clients? We offer the Self Love Experience which are our studio sessions available to all clients and a requirement before you are eligible for one of the other types of sessions we offer.  Our return clients however get some of the really, really good stuff! Available to return clients ONLY are the following two types of sessions! Fine