50 Shades of Be Yourself

It is not often that I want to fully style an inspired set in studio, but as soon as this gorgeous woman arrived for our session it was all of my 50 Shades of Grey fantasies come true!  She was the PERFECT look for an Anastasia Steele inspired shoot.  But what I quickly learned was that this woman was unashamed to be herself…that the inspiration was still there but went right out the window and we photographed her…exactly as she was in her most magnificent form.  Let’s hear what this babe had to say about her Self Love Experience


Don’t Assume

You guys might recognize this incredibly gorgeous woman, she is a forever muse of mine and I love her so much that I have our art together hung in my office and home… You never really know the battle that someone is fighting, or better yet overcoming, at first glance.  I have had so many clients sit in my office, point to her pictures and say “wow I wish I had that confidence” not knowing that she was fighting her own battles.  I think this is a very common theme this summer.  Don’t Assume. Don’t assume you know what



It is a 2 blog week ya’ll! I simply couldn’t wait to share these once this gorgeous woman sent me what she wanted to share with everyone.   Listen, take notes, and BE KIND! —- Choices.  I thought for only about 2 minutes on what I would write when Lindsay asked if I would.  It is a word that I preach not just to myself, but in my professional life throughout every level of my career, to my children, to my friends and family when they are in need of some advice…life is all about choices.  Not just chocolate


The Decision to Skip Photoshop

Now we all know that I have no shame in my photoshop game. I know that the same pimple I have on my chin on Tuesday likely won’t be there on Saturday. I also know that certain times of the month I am FAR more bloated than the rest of the month…so I have absolutely 0 shame in choosing to use photoshop. With this being said, whenever we host our reveal and ordering sessions we always only show our reveal edits. This allows our #LRPBoudieBeauties to have control over how much photoshop they do or don’t want. To us,


What Serves You – An Erin Take Over

She is back and taking over!  Check out what our partner in crime, Erin Goyer Bink of Erin Marie Artistry has to say below!!   #proudmomentsallaround —- When I talk about my experience in front of Lindsay’s camera I typically talk about my struggles to attain a positive body image and how I strive everyday to learn to love who looks back at me in the mirror. But you guys have heard that story from me before. Today I want to talk about something a little deeper than the surface. Today I want to talk about something that my


Act Like a Lady

:::Disclaimer::: You may see the word “fuck” in this post 10x more than usual because I had quite the “mom moment” on Friday that demanded this project of me. Let’s begin. ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ I needed to take some time the other day to poll my peers and be sure I wasn’t over reacting with my emotions before I wrote this blog.  I had quite the uncomfortable situation on Friday when I went to pick my 4 year old daughter up from daycare. When I went in to pick up Gaia I walked in at the same


I am a Queen

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting to share this blog and now I finally get to!  As nervous as this #LRPBoudieBeauty was the day of her shoot, we were too!  She was the very first new client to be photographed in our new studio this March!  Her session was one that inspired both Erin and I, because she came in and shared her truth with us right away, and through that vulnerability we saw such a depth to her beauty that we were able to capture on camera.  Read about this babes experience below! —- “My whole


Stronger than Heartbreak

Sometimes when clients send me their words to share along with their blog I get exactly what I am expecting…and then sometimes they open their hearts with a knife and let their full truth bleed onto the floor.  I find nothing in the world more exquisite than true, raw honesty and vulnerability.   Vulnerability, to me, is the epitome of beauty.  It is the un-doctored truth within someones heart that radiates from the inside out.  —- “Sometimes it is all you can do. Wait, endure, and keep shining. Knowing that eventually your light will reach where it is supposed to


Get Fit – A Fitness Boudoir

I am beyond excited to be able to share this fitness inspired boudoir session!  This babe has moved from my personal trainer, to my client, to my friend and I could not be more excited for the amazing adventures her life is about to take her on! Read below for a little dose of health-spiration before we move into the holiday weekend! —- “As a trainer and nutritionist I make a living sculpting, shaping and nourishing the bodies of amazing women every day. I absolutely love what I do and am so passionate about teaching women how to find


River Street Beat Shop – A Boudoir Editorial

I have been sharing little sneaks of this session over the past few months, but now that both publications featuring this set have come out, Missy Ink Magazine and Period Magazine (You can see a video of our spread in Period Mag at the end of the blog,) I can finally share! I also have a 24×36 Boltless Acrylic hanging in my home office and a 24×36 Floating Frame Acrylic hanging in the studio from this set which you will get to see when you come for your session and reveal! To quote one of my life idols: “The