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Plus and Proud

So, I apparently am really really bad at taking vacations.  I am supposed to not do any work for 9 days, but how could I not sit down to work knowing I had this epic blog just waiting to be shared?  I think my husband will forgive me 😉 As a plus size woman myself, this blog really struck me on both a personal and professional level.  It is for the reasons of struggling so much to find lingerie that fit myself, that Randi, of Styled by Randi, and I, started The Shops at The Loft! This was the


Body Love Experience

“Calling her sessions “Body Love Experiences” may just sound like clever marketing, but I assure you, it is fact.”


Florida Curves – Part One.

As most of you know, I have a second business called Confident Curves. Confident Curves is a traveling workshop produced in tandem with my partner in crime from across the boarder Teri Hofford.  Teri is a badass babe on a mission to change the way that both women and men approach their bodies and is what she coins herself as “an emotional dominatrix” shutting down negative self talk in everyone that she approaches. Together Teri and I noticed that there was a big gap in the industry of body types that we felt were under represented! As often as we


Nothing is Sexier than Smart

This is the week of finally being able to share my personal projects that I created throughout the summer. This project in particular was a creative game changer for me.  It was one of the first times I challenged myself to work with what we, in the photography industry, call hard or harsh light.  It is the time of day when the sun is highest in the sky and most full and it is a challenge to photograph for sometimes even the most seasoned of professionals. Little did I know that this would change the way I approach light,


Red Hot American Summer – A Couples Boudoir

It has taken me all summer to finally have the time to sit and edit this session,  and I am stoked to finally be able to share it. To me nothing epitomizes the end of summer like cool mornings and nights and the hottest of days.  Days that make you drip sweat and crave your lovers embrace. I am not gonna write too much for this one because I am going to let the images tell their own story… —- Michaela’s Makeup by Erin Marie Artistry


A Letter to My Photographer

I have to say, I am never more honored than when clients fly out to us or when they fly us to them.  The trust and vulnerability it takes to go so far from your home and put yourself in such a new situation is never lost or under appreciated by me.   This gorgeous woman flew all the way from her beach town in Florida to meet us in NYC for quite the epic session and experience.  She wrote me this beautiful letter, and rather than going on and on, I think you should just read below how the


42 and Bringing Sexy Back

So as most of you know, my favorite place on the internet is our LRP – LADIES ONLY  VIP Group!  This group has become more than a place just to post pictures that I have taken or to talk about lingerie, but it has become one of the most supportive communities of women that I know. We have set out to create a safe place online where you can talk about everything from your session to body hair to coping with body image issues, to talking about divorce to celebrating your accomplishments. There really are few things that make


Remaining Unaffected

I am so stoked to blog this set.  This girl has been one of my closest friends since I was a Junior in highschool and she was a Freshman.  Despite the fact that she is a bit younger than me, she has always been so much wiser than me when it comes to life.  I love her.  I call Kristen my deep rooted tree.  No matter what is thrown her way, she remains deeply grounded and unshaken. I am trying to learn to be more like her. PS: Kristen is Rihanna’s biggest fan, so it would only be right that


Beach Mom

I don’t think I could possibly write anything better than what this gorgeous #LRPBoudieBeauty did, so let’s kick it right over to her: —- “When I was little, I never understood why mom didn’t play with me at the beach. Covered head-to-toe in clothing, she sat in a chair and watched from afar as my dad, sister, brother, and I ran around like heathens basking in the glory of the sand, water, and sun. She was reserved, quiet, and visibly upset at times. I knew she loved the beach. I had heard stories from when she was a teenager


Too This or Too That

How many times in your life has someone told you that you are “too” something or other?  I have spent my entire life being told that I am “too much.”  Too loud, to heavy, too bold, too forward, too happy, too sad, too tired, too excited, did I mention too loud? I get told that one alot…I mean the list goes on and on. I gotta be honest when I say that it actually took me until I turned 30 myself to finally realize that the only “too” I am, is “too much myself.”  Yes, I am loud, I