Comfortable In Your Own Skin | Troy | Saratoga Springs | Albany | New York – Boudoir

I’ve had to learn to be okay with myself as I exist and that means being okay showing up exactly as I am. One of the biggest parts of what I stand for is to loudly proclaim for every person everywhere – you need to learn how to love yourself now. Not when you reach whatever goal you’ve set in your mind as your “ideal” – NOW. It’s ok for that love of self to fluctuate, but being able to exist without constantly criticizing yourself is a freedom I can’t even begin to explain.  Here’s what Miss A has

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Breaking The Mold | Troy | Saratoga Springs | Albany | New York – Boudoir

Society tells women that we have to fit into this tiny narrow minded mold of what is considered beautiful. That very tiny narrow minded mold doesn’t include life. We are meant to change, to evolve, to grow as our world changes around us – as it changes US. Our bodies are magical organisms that shift and adjust as we face trauma, pain, joy, wonder – you name it! Instead of criticizing that, why don’t we find ways to appreciate it? Here’s what Miss C has to say about her Self Love Experience: “For those who have never done any